EX-Cancel takes up 3 bars



I’m a noob, but I have been trying to do Rising Jaguar EX-cancels into U2, and everytime I do it, or at least attempt to (I get as far as FADC), I notice it takes up 3 ex bars and not simply 2. Does anyone know if this is correct?


Only explanation is that you are using EX rising jaguar in the first place costing you one bar then doing the FADC into U2.


your most likely just having execution errors. Do you use any triple buttons ?


As above that is the only way for you to be using 3 bars im guessing your not canceling mk.rj so your pressing 2 kick buttons too close to each other.



I’ve been doing ex.rj the whole time… So its possible to do it was just mk.rj? well I’ll be dammed.

I’ve been doing
right ring finger for ex.rj
right thumb and pointer for fa
pointer, middle, ring, for u1


well assuming you have one finger on each button it sounds like your pressing the 4th button along for your rising jag, which is automatically set to 3x kick. im assuming thats what you mean.

You can cancel quite alot of normals and quite alot of specials. Adons only cancelable special is his rising jag I believe, but you can cancel any version of it provided its the first hit.

A good example of cancelling a normal is to pick Bison, set the dummy to block all. Do a sweep with bison, aka the slide. And as you hit the dummy, who will block, do a focus and dash back.
Infact as you play Adon try doing a cr.hp and try and FADC that. I think that works :stuck_out_tongue:

if you already knew all this, ignore this post :smiley:


Well there you have it if your doing EX RJ then thats your 3 bars used up after the fadc.