ex-Capcom legend Yoshiki Okamoto interview at Gamasutra

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Washed his hands of Capcom/SF so not too much relevant stuff to say, but he is neighbors w/ some of the team making sf4. Despite his large role in creating SF, he’s surprising blase not just on the series, but on the whole genre as a whole:

he sounds slightly ungrateful for SF’s success but that is just my personal interpretation of that part of the interview

Okamoto is awesome.

<3 Dark Mist.

Damn, he doesn’t give a fuck about SF. :rofl:

I’m being serious:

He sounds like a guy lamenting about an ex-GF - He loves fighting games, but he feels that it’s time to move on, and that relationship with fighting games is long gone, and it will never be back to where it was before (SF2) so he wants to have a clean-cut end to the relationship, and doesn’t want to touch or care about anything to do with fighting games again.

I understand what he means, but it’s a bit sad.

That guy sounds butt hurt. Very weird read like most japanese interviews.

By the way, Okamoto really confirms that SFIV is made by Dimps…

"YMG: Setting aside the fact that this is an interview though, how do you feel about it?

YO: It’s just that I’m pretty well in the know on what’s happening with the game. I tend to hear a fair bit about what goes on at Capcom. Also, Dimps is the company making it, and I share a pretty close proximity with them. Or rather, I should say that the president of Dimps lives in my apartment building, on the same floor, in the unit next to mine. (laughs)"

I just think he’s tired of being asked about something that was a major part of his life twenty years ago. He’s making new games and getting interviews about games that he worked on over a decade ago, that’s gotta get annoying after awhile.

It’s like if Harrison Ford was asked about being Han Solo in every other interview, after awhile he would start answering, “Well that was a long time ago, what I really want to talk about is…”

dat new Indiana Jones… Who? Indiana Jones! 8 zero zero fo.