EX Characters in SFA2 and SFA2G

Just a few questions about the EX characters in SFA2 and SFA2G. Do they have any clear advantages over their SFA2/SFA2G counterparts? Are they based on Champion Edition? Are there any differences between the EX characters and the CE HSFA counterparts besides of course the huge damage difference of each character? For example, is EX Ryu from SFA2G identical to Champion Edition Ryu from HSFA?


i’ve actually got the same question, and i was hoping someone would have answered it by now, but there’s still no response. can someone please tell me the benefits of playing the EX characters on Alpha 2 Gold??

The CE characters in A2G are only loosely based on the original CE characters. HSFA’s CE-ISM does a much better job of re-creating the specific proporties of the original CE character’s moves, but is also with its flaws – the most glaring being overall damage output and stun output.

A few advantages of A2G’s CE characters.

CE Zangief in A2G only:

  • vastly superior reach on his SPD compared to regular Zangief
  • all versions have the same reach and damage
  • no SPD whiffed animation
  • has the grab you the instant you stand up from a knock-down property of his SPD (like regular A2 Zangief, but not regular A2G Zangief)

CE Sagat:

  • faster-recovering Tiger Shots; these allow him to set up his projectile-> anti-air trap much better than regular version of Sagat

oooh, alright. thank you for the info!!

EX Chun Li just sucks though. Even losing the bufferable cr.mk in Zero 2 Alpha, the regular and classic version are still worlds better than the EX verison. She has…nothing. The rest are decent, but Capcom just seems determined to make regular Psycho Crusher ho-hum in the Alpha series.

Sorry for thread revivals…I’ve been going through archives looking at TS’s posts.

I recently bought a CPS2,SF Zero 2 board and realised its actually the ‘Alpha’ (Gold) version.Do the changes in the game make that much of a difference?I just wanna play the version that competitive players would play and want to know if this version is shunned?

I guess the biggest difference is just the fact that you use fierce and roundhouse to activate CC?

I’m sure RSX and Dreamfire would have something to say regarding SFA2G’s worth as a competitive game. In the meantime, here’s a list of changes from regular SFA2 to SFA2G: http://shoryuken.com/f2/sf-alpha-2-console-port-comparison-96975/#post2568241

Wow never knew there were balance changes.Its not as if I would be on any level in Alpha 2 for me to notice these things in the first place though.

I guess the japanese dont use this version?

Alpha 2 Gold is generally considered terrible compared to normal Alpha2. Characters like Bison, Birdie, Gen, and I think even Sim (who were already lower tier) got even worse while characters like Ken and Chun basically got no nerf. In a nut shell, I don’t think they had any idea how to balance it out well…so they made tons of random changes to a lot of chars for no real reason. Atleast it has Cammy in it?

Chun got no nerfs?

Chun Li:
1000 foot kick does less damage in Custom Combos
Slower Sen en Shu (HCB+K)
Crouching Forward can no longer be cancelled into special moves

She can do upkicks CC for about the exact same damage it does in alpha2. C.mk is still a spammable retarded priority move. Her overhead was already blockable on reaction. Considering a character like Birdie got his TAP nerfed to multihit and end up doing about shit damage in CC… or giving Bison AND Gen in KKK stance a floatier jump, yes, she barely got any nerfs.


Just ACTUALLY read the changelog again since I havn’t in a while. I don’t even know why I’m making a case. 3/4 of the chars got nerfs for pretty much no reasons while all the shotos, chun, and rose got basically no nerfs. I dunno what else more even needs to be said.

Chun’s c.mk hit is shorter iirc and LL canot be used in cc. Most characters got nerfs and the “buffs” they got were not all that great. Playing A2G is like eating a stale potato chip.

Oh well at least the A board is still good.Maybe I’ll get the regular Alpha 2 B board someday.

There are videos of them playing it, but it’s not really the preferred game.