Ex Chicken Wing

Anyone if is it character specific on standing light/medium punch/heavy punch to ex chicken wing?
[media=youtube]PGEcNGaqmRo[/media] 3:50

I only know cl.hp>lk.cw is universal. mk.cw might work also, not 100% sure on that.
Everything else is character specific/very situational I believe.

i was actually testing this a few days ago. close standing strong xx EX chicken wing works on sagat, zangief, cammy, and chun li.

i’m pretty sure it works on seth too, since so many different combos work on him. it doesn’t work on abel, though.

I wish light chickenwing was one frame safer lol then standing punch to light chickenwing would be usefull. But unless you have your opponent minscrambled its dangerous. You could always follow up with a random flame kick afterwards tho if they are late on their punish.: )

mp xx ex chicken wing also works on Rose (and is inconsistent on Zangief, so I never use it on him-it get’s me thrown). Close standing mp xx mk chicken wing (non-ex) works on all characters. Unfortuneately you can’t combo after it, but it leaves you a bit safer then lk chicken wing, which can be used to set up other offensive options-