EX Dependancy.. from greatest to least?


Character’s who’s gameplay and effectiveness have the most to gain with the simple application of EX moves ( Practically dependant on them ) at the competitive level to the ones that can still pose a threat without these meterburners?


imho Alex also has a lot of good uses for the ex moves. One of the reason SAII is the best one (since the super itself isn’t that great


I agree with the Alex… I still sometimes get caught by EX headstomps after ex flash chops…


yang, he only needs a touch, it has pretty good start up and recovery, can be delayed or force fed faster than its meant.


yang, alex, remy yes are good exers as everybody else has stated.

q and 12 are good exers too.

q’s ex rush punch and rush sweep are both good.

12’s air dive is so much better in ex because its safe if blocked. and ex ground tentacle thing is good too. (the fireball one).

since both of these characters have very little moves and combos, they almost to a certain point NEED these exes to win against a good opponent.