Ex dive kick to ultra

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong today that I did write yesterday. I was able to pull this off yesterday but today every time I try to do it the oponent lands to far away and the ultra wiffs. It has worked occasionally in the corner though.

You have to delay the ultra a bit, and it doesn’t have to be in the corner. Make sure all kicks from the ex dive kick land.

you cant delay it too much. once the opponent hits the wall and it falling down, you should launch the U2 when theyre mid-screen.
I’ve launched it when theyre close to the ground, but then it doesnt connect.

btw, what if you launch the U2 as soon as they hit the wall, will it connect then??

also, how are people connecting the U2 after doing a dive kick? looks like the timing on that is tight.

You have to perform the ultra so it goes off as soon as they pass the health bar.

Yes it still works if they are in the corner and bounce off the wall, you just have to reverse the input as they will land behind you. Took me about 10 minutes in the training room to get comfortable with this combo.

What is there to say, just practice till you get used to the timing. Like has been said, the sweet spot is when your opponent is below the health bar and still above your head. There’s a rather narrow window when they are falling that you have to activate it in. Do it too early (opponent too high up) and it will whiff because the subsequent kicks don’t have the horizontal reach of the first one. Do it late and they hit the floor because the first hit comes out very slow (Think Ken’s Ultra1, do it too late as an AA and the opponent safejumps it).

Also keep in mind that after EX divekick against a cornered opponent, they may bounce and fall behind you so you will have to ultra in the opposite direction. With practice you’ll be able to eyeball when this will happen and react accordingly.

The easiest way I’ve been able to internalize it is you execute the ultra when the opponent is parallel to the ground.

Thanks I think iv got the hang of it. Thanks to the life bar trick I’m landing it a lot more consistently

Yeah, theres relly no actual timing to it. You just have to watch where the opponent is. It’s character specific in terms of how they fall. For some odd reason, Rufus falls slowly (that fat bastard).

This did not need it’s own thread.

Well, it sure made it easy for me to find the answer I was looking for. Thanks to all involved in answering this question. :rock:

yeah i just wiat after they hit the wall and arms go over there head when fallin. its a weird way to time it but works everytime


It’s supposed to be delayed but not TOO MUCH, just enough for the guy to bounce off the wall and start their descent (they should be below the health bar by this time). This little trick is the only thing I’ve got under my lousy Juri so far lol, usually when I get ultra I keep spamming ex dive kick to be able to link into some easy crispy damage :bgrin:

The real tricky thing is the double j.mp juggle into ex dive kick and then ultra, can never get it out in real matches…

this is situational also. If cody is in the corner for example this is impossible

Thanks for that more consistant with U2.

I can land this nine times out of ten, but NEVER online. I’ve tried it so many times and always whiff, and if I try to input the command earlier, she doesn’t execute the Ultra. Caused me to practically give up on using Juri online, just out of frustration :bluu:

Realistically ultra 1 is better online. That’s just my opinion. If you’re mind games are top notch you can take a lot of life with resets, fake cross ups, cross unders, cross overs, overheads, and overall pinwheel pressure. I’m not saying all players online are booty, but silly things work against them with u1 and you Don’t have to risk anything.