EX flame against crossups!

I find an interest way to perform Yoga Blast EX while Dhalsim is deeply/meaty crossuped.

If Sim is on the left, the input is this:

:d: :df: :r: :df: :d: + :2k:

The awesome trick is that IF YOU TRADE, you can combo ultra!
It should works against all char that use a light/medium attack. So Gief’s splash jd.HP is an exception (but you still hit him, avoiding close combat and pressure).

If done in the corner you can combo with another EX Flame (in training mode you can also combo with a super lol).

Finally I find a real counter against crossups…you just need an ex bar and an ultra!

Here’s a video: [media=youtube]XRjAuVOIgpg"[/media]

Gore, you’re so fucking gdlk right now.



Gorefrost is the fucking man. One of the few posters on here who actually comes up with new tricks for Sim.


Awesome. I wonder if the Japanese know about this already? I’m going to practice this in training. Too bad that you can’t super after ultra since you burn meter for the ex flame, but I shouldn’t complain!

hey thx for tis trick. have been looking ard for ways to get round crossups. btw if u happen to not have a bar for exblast, how wld u guys evade a meaty/deep crossup like the one shown in the video. Do u guys have time to teleport away or u guys juz block the other way?


also, I don’t wanna disrespect gore or anything, but I think most characters can time their xups so that the flame will go the wrong direction. I’m especially thinking about chuns xupkick, however that’s done. but maybe I’m wrong, who knows

EDIT: oh, and also, wouldn’t a correctly meaty’d xup beat it since EX blast has 5 frames of startup? or is it like the ultra s it’ll come out anyway and trade?

this is to hard to land every time

btw does teleport have any startup frames? meaning that can it evade a properly timed meaty crossup or is it too slow n it wld be more advisable to block?

yeah think im gonna start doing the ground teleports again dunno y i stopped, think it works by db (df optional) db 3p/k maybe reverse the commands for cross overs at worst it should block the crossover if u time the hit correctly but maybe you need to do df bf or bf df guess gotta try it out not much to try out

Dude I’m not even a Dhalsim player but this made me wet myself.

In effect, against a meaty crossup Flame EX will probably whiff.

The crossups are very difficult to read, I know that. The game reads your input and automatically converts them if your opponent is going to the other side. So there isn’t an unique way to perform EX blast because it depends on the crossup timing. This method is not definitive, I think only works if your opponents is hitting you while you’re standing up. In that case it seems to be better than traditional input.

If your opponent lags the crossup a bit, and you’re still up, the motion will not work…but you have time to lk slide (or block).

I’ll test it more hoping to give you good results :wgrin:

I don’t think it will whiff on a meaty crossup.

Meaty moves beat everything that aren’t reversals, but EX Upflame IS a reversal.

It has 4 invincible frames, and it hits on the 5th – meaty cross or not, this thing is gonna trade at worst.

If they SAFEJUMP, on the other hand, then yea, it’s gonna whiff. But who the fuck safejumps on Sim?

And in regards to the importance of this find, yea it’s true that other characters have ways of timing their reversals for a ‘turn-around’ hit. But as far as I know, no one knew how to do this shit – even Sabin was talking in the Japan thread about how he didnt know how to turn around up-flame.

What I’m saying is, Gore is the shit.

thats cool but it’s definetly not new, I have been using that for a while for cross-ups.
but to combo with another EX Flame in the corner is something I never new; but then again its a waste of a meter.

Is that the only way to properly do it? It seems strange non-intuitive. I guess I just don’t know what makes that work.

Why not just do the correct motion as soon as the opponent is on the other side of you.

I’m just not understanding why you’d want to do that shortcut. Anyway, thanks for the info, I never thought to try and juggle with ultra after a traded upflame. Cool stuff.

wad about a crossup that is late? do u still move the stick as mentioned above or do the conventional way of a ex yoga blast? how to judge the direction of crossups n know wich direction we shld input or the system will recognise the input n correct it for us?

gs. i did this a few times but i didnt know how i did it. will test later

Yeah I hella wanna test this once I get my Xbox back.

Hell yeah…now we’re talking!

correctly done crossups can effectively safe jump this, and render it null. But it’s a 1-frame safe jump so…