Ex Fukiage



I’ve been playing makoto for several years now where I know all her strats and offensive tactics both skilled and scrubby. It just happened to hit me today that I don’t really know anything about her EX fukiage. Hopefully someone has a knowledgeable list of what moves are countered by EX fukiage so i can start using it like a scrub then not at all.

On top of my head that I care to remember:

-St. Fiere

-Far St. Fierce
-St Roundhouse (close and far)
-Ex. spinning bird kick
-Lightning kicks

there’s probably a lot more obviously, but for some reason there’s no readable list dating back from the beginning of the makoto days. So I guess it might be time to start now with help from my fellow makoto players.


it can trade/beat with pretty much anything it can get somewhat underneath

IE chuns cr jab, pretty much all of duds pokes, etc


that move is central in the fights with elena and q…if you cant hit it…
you might lose


I’m quoting this because i think is a waste of time do a EX fukiage instead Fp Fukiage or S. Hk because with a Hp Fukiage on chun’s wakeup you can land a Hayate or Seichusen and w S Hk you put her in crunch so you can connect the Seichusen… doing to her around 60% of damage

i said this long time ago: With Hp Fukiage in a right moment you can dodge toons of mid//high hits. Even Ken’s HK, so, you can trade hit and link a Hp Hayate. On most of situations, you can land a Lp//Mp Hayate after a landed non-trade Fukiage

BTW: You can Lp Fukiage to any regular throw (LP+LK) in the game, even Kara Throws. It’s a crazy good strat vs some wakeups. So. If you’re in a good mark, you can land a ex Fukiage against EX SRKs on wake up


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This sounds incredible, but I’ve been trying it out during games and I can’t seem to get it to work. You are saying that an LP Fukiage will dodge a throw and punish it, right? Are you really certain about that? If so, I guess my timing is just off, because there have been many instances where I KNOW they’re about to throw, I buffer LP Fukiage in on wakeup (for example), but I still get thrown.


parry > exfukiage > twards strong /// dash /// strong fukiage > sjc twards fierce

100% stun on shoto’s and chun
95% stun on alex dudley

that’s all i’ve tried it on.

p.s: it can be blocked, it is just a set up.


Is there a video out there where someone does an SAI after HP Fukiage like this? I can’t picture it. Do you hit it as she’s coming down?

Is this a better option than just hitting an s.FP?


Is there a video of this?

I think he means the axe kick -no?


i’ll make one and post it up with in the next day or two.

also you can combo sa1 for 1 hit after a fukiage i’ve yet to see it do more than a 2 hit combo.


This thread deserves revival
Dudley’s fp and towards fp
Ken back mk
Works well against Necro, Elena, and Q.
I think it beats Chun’s fp… But I wouldn’t risk it.
EX fuki is also good against a tatsu happy Akuma.