Ex hayate->f.lk dash cross-up who does it work on?

The only ones I know of are urien and dudley but I’m sure there are more.

I’ve started to use this and I’ve had a lot of success. Is this a good tactic or should I avoid doing so?

it works on akuma… and alex possibly?

it’s good as a once-in-a-blue-moon gimmick or something… i think that makoto’s dash recovers after the opponent lands, so they can punish, if they know what’s going on.

Can’t you use a normal to cancel the recovery frames of her dash though to sort of make it quicker? Like dash, c.lp, dash is faster than dash, dash.

Assuming this is in the corner, I know that regular corner crossups work on:

and well, Elena sometimes/when knocked down :lol:

So it probably works for Urien/Necro/Twelve/Hugo too.

why not do the double hayate instead against urien, i don’t know if it works on dudley but against half the cast you can 2x hayate

thats good to know if true.

sounds like some mvc2 shit :sweat:

it’s kind of hard to tell… i have no idea.

Does NOT work on akuma. 40 matches later I found that out.

anyhow, I don’t think she recovers after they land, or it might be character specific.

Either way people like to either block low or srk after resets most of the time anyway. Even if they do it right they’ll probably go the wrong way. If they try to jump you can just s.lp for the double reset.

Man, if that worked it would be freakin amazing.

Also, where are you mechanica? I haven’t seen in you in forever.

Use frequently if you have the opportunity, a much greater probability for potentially great results. Except, perhaps it wouldn’t be as good against characters that you can reset with s.fp like Hugo or Alex.

To my eyes it always looked like Makoto recovers first or maybe they both recovered at the same time (at the latest).

Tornado, I would definitely stay away from c.forward after this set-up. If your in that close of a range there’s always better options, same reason why you shouldn’t use c.forward on the opponents wakeup.