EX Hayate follow ups



i saw this vid that a cornered Hugo got hit by an EX Hayate and then got hit by a standing HP, and another vid that a cornered Dudley after an EX Hayate got hit by a crouching LK. what other characters can get hit afer an EX Hayate and with what?


I believe that crouching LK you saw was probably a towards+LK which I believe hits all characters. Other follow ups are s.HP, mp Hayate, s.MK. Sorry but all I know is the MP Hayate works on Urien…


EX Hayate, standing HP works on Alex too.

EX Hayate, LP Hayate works on Chun-Li.

I’m pretty sure you can also do EX Hayate, crouching MP but I don’t know against which characters.


c.mp is her best EX hayate followup against Ryu.


this’ som good shit if any one has more keep 'em coming


These are the EX Hayate follow ups i know and use:

Against Urien and Hugo ------> standing/crouching MK or crouching MP. i’ve haven’t tried standing HP yet.

Against Shotos ------> towards + LK. i’ve seen standing MK work on them, but i can’t get it to hit them.

Chun-Li and Alex ------> LP Hayate. i’ve seen Izu do a LP Hayate against Urien as well, so that’s a go.

i’m guessing that the universal follow up is (as BillyKane mentioned) towards + LK.


I think LP Hayate works on Q as well.


double hayate works on Hugo, alex, Q, Urien and i think ive done it to dudley.

I dont recommend following up with a hayate because your opponent gets knocked down.

Against Alex i chose to do the standing fierce punch. From the command grab to fierce to ex hayate to fierce punch. That comes out to 75% stun, and on top of that your in perfect placement for a kara throw.

foward and short works on all characters, but your then placed in a bad position because your too far away to do a command grab, and your too close to do a kara throw.

I like to throw alot.
Hope this helps.


actually, towards short is good because it allows you to dash and cross under. then, you get frame advantage to play a guessing game where if you guess right, you get to karakusa -> fierce xx SAII or what not.


Actually, you can get a kara-karakusa after the towards+short reset on some if not all characters…the timing is a little strict but it’s certainly possible.


Just tested EX Hayate, towards+short, kara-karakusa on ryu, urien, and chun li. Works on all of them… You just have to cancel into the karakusa before your opponent lands from the reset or they’ll get hit by the short and you’ll end up wiffing the command grab (this btw is not a good thing :wink: )


ok, im not new to third strike by any means, im just getting back into it after a long while off. somewhere in between i missed the whole “kara-karakusa” throw cancel thing. im knowledgeable about the kara throws, but about this i dont understand if you’re supposed to do a f+sh, or just a standing sh, and if the whole short kick is supposed to come out or not, any help is greatly appreciated.

as well, after the ex hayate, the f+sh juggle is supposed to connect, and then the kara-karakusa throw right?

thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:


A normal, standing short kick.

If you do the short -> forward target combo, notice when you press forward. That’s the time you’re shooting for to cancel into the karakusa.


This is actually the nature of the “glitch” Makoto’s short, forward is (I believe) the only chain combo that you can preform even if the first hit wiffs. They probably hacked the functionality in pretty quickly and didn’t notice (or forgot) that it also allows the short to be canceled by specials like it had connected. This explains why you can’t cancel it into a universal throw like other kara cancels. It’s unlike any other kara cancel in the game, but I’m still going to call it a kara cancel as you are still canceling a move that wiffed…

So yeah, to do it you hit short, then do a command move as though the short was going to connect. You’ll see that you cancel the short and because of the nature of the kick this moves you forward a great distance. But be careful, the short kick will hit if you’re too close. Apparently towards+strong setups the distance perfectly, as does a blocked ex hayate I believe.