EX Head-Butt Combos



Does anyone know what the best option for Urien is after he does and EX Headbutt…?


It depends on the situation and how much meter you have .

If connect the EX Headbut after a cr.Frc but you don’t have enough meter for aegis go with with a normal Headbut (for more stun bar dmg) or a RH tackle (for dmg) . To mix things up you might do toward+Strong for a juggle that lands them on their feet then go for a Throw or if you think they’ll tech go for cr.RH .

If you connect the EX H.But as the first hit of a combo and don’t have enough meter for Aegis then walk forward and do cr.Frc then juggle anyway you like as per the description above .

If you have meter or can build enough meter for Aegis then always do a Shoulder xx Aegis(Frc version) then RH Shoulder again then go for the guard break from the other side of the Aegis panel .

The good thing about urien is his OPTIONS . he has soooo many and you can easilly train your opponet into falling for throw set-ups and various Aegis traps by utilizing his speed and range .

Just alway maintain a charge :evil:



Ex Headbutt, tackle x 2, headbutt near corner.


yep charge is important. heres some good thing with EX headbutt:
after cr.fierce, EX Headbutt then if you have enough meter for super, do tackle (any strength), then cancel into far aegis and let opponent drop, then depending on your distance from opponent, your aim would be to get on the other side of them before they get up, this can be done by a RH knee drop or dash in and buffer a charge then headbutt over them. when they on wake up do an unblockable or just mixup mind game pokes if you are playing any version where unblockable does not work.

btw this is usually only for midscreen purposes, but there are a lot of other things you can do.


I think they can quick-stand before you have a chance to setup the unblockable.


Not if you cancel the tackle into a FP Reflector. This is just a variation of the cr.FP–>Tackle XX FP Reflector–>Tackle, Kneedrop (crosses up) for the unblockable


yep, pretty much I guess.:slight_smile: