Ex Lunge Punge -> U1 timing?



I am considering to pick up Yun as a secondary character but I am increasingly confused about this combo.

Yun is supposed to combo into U1 from Ex Lunge Punge anywhere on the screen when you get the second hit but I only manage to do it occasionally and on some characters it doesn’t even look close.

I mean, I’m guessing I’m just too bad to do it properly right now but I have to make sure: is this in any way character specific? If not, is there any way to improve my timing on it aside from brainlessly practicing over and over?


Ex lunge to ultra was removed. However it still works on floaty characters and it’s a one frame link. Its not consistent, so its pointless to practice it.


it works on Cammy, Balrog, Dee Jay and it’s a really hard timing.


it also works on sim. sim is the easiest i think. i wouldnt try it on cammy in a match but its pretty legit vs sim


It also work on the others…but u have to hit them with the tip of Ex lunge…which is totally impractical…