Ex Machina

The fifth TPB was recently released and I have it on order for this week. Does anybody else read this excellent series?

This is an excellent series that everyone should have on their To-Read List. It’s about a former superhero that can talk to machines now running New York as the mayor.

The fifth trade was just as good as the rest - which is to say, it’s excellent. I can’t even really classify the genre of these things - just that it’s a good comic book. It’s weird - not too much action from the superhero flashbacks, and not too much thriller/drama stuff from the mayor side…but everything just works.

Brian K Vaughn is an excellent writer, and one of those guys where you can pick up anything he writes regardless of subject and it’s good.

I’m finding more and more these days that anything under the Wildstorm or Vertigo imprints are gold.