Ex MG -> Jab MG -> EX Upper -> Upper?

How does this work? And is it character specific? I can’t get the timing down T.T; Or maybe it’s my spacing?

Is Only Against Shotos, On And Walk A Little After The Jab MG, Then Ex Upper, Then The Fierce Upper

Is Really Simple


Thanks for the help T.T;

Not true. It can be done to other people besides shotos. I know I’ve at least done it against Dudley, but I’m pretty sure you can do it to lots of people. The way I do it is just to do the jab MGB as soon as possible, then hold forward, then when I see Dudley start to walk forward after the MGB, I let him go a tiny bit, then do the QCF+2P for the EX upper, then immediately when I land I do the HP upper. You can also do c.hk, jab MGB, EX upper, HP upper, but it’s not as easy, and I dunno about who you can do it on.

Eish, we really need to play one of these days :pleased:

Edit: I should note: I mentioned you can do it to Dudley, but then I released I don’t know why you would want to when you can do c.hk to him in the corner (I don’t even know the damage/stun differences). It’s possible that Shotos are the only non-c.hk-able people that you can do this combo to. I’ll test it later. I’m pretty sure you can do it to Hugo and Urien though.

Ok, glad I tested and got back here before anyone replied to my previous post. Now I can add to what I said. First off, I was right and wrong. You can do it to other people besides shotos…just not Dudley. I guess cause he’s so fat, so the EX upper never connects. Besides finding out you can’t do this on Dudley, here’s what I gathered.

Even though you can c.hk Q in the corner, I can never do it more then twice in a row (I don’t even know if 3 is possible). So here’s what I got for him.

All combos start with s.HK xx EX MGB:

Using no meter (after the EX MGB):
- LP MGB, c.HK, c.HK, t.MK xx HP Upper		60 Damage

- EX Upper (2 Hits)				57 Damage
- EX Upper (1 Hit), HP Upper			56 Damage
- LP MGB, EX Upper (2 Hits)			62 Damage
- LP MGB, EX Upper (1 Hit), HP Upper		60/69 Damage

Comments on Q: First off, in the “no meter” combo, getting the first LP MGB to connect isn’t the easiest, but it’s not so hard that I wouldn’t try. Looking back, I should have gotten damage for that combo without the LP MGB, cause that would definately be the safest way to go. This is really the only combo you need, only 2 damage less then the LP MGB, EX Upper (2 Hits) combo, and only uses 1 EX instead of 2.

Now, regarding the LP MGB, EX Upper combos: First off, The damage you get from the EX Upper (1 Hit), HP Upper combo depends on which hit of the Upper you get. Which Upper? I’m not sure. It might be how the EX hits, or it might be how the HP hits, or both. Either one, the second hit does more damage. It doesn’t really matter though, cause the important thing is that in all the times I tested this combo for damage, I got 60 damage almost every time, and only got 69 twice. The first time I got it I thought I did something wrong, like had some stun hits in there or something, so I did it again and again until I recreated the same results.

So basically, the EX Upper combos aren’t worth it. You risk completely wasting an EX to do the same damage you could have done with an easier combo. The only time I would use an EX Upper combo on Q is if I had him extremely low and had full meter, and even then, I would go for the LP MGB, EX Upper (2 Hit).

The other person I tested on was Urien.

s.HK xx EX MGB, LP MGB, EX Upper (1 Hit), HP Upper	72/68 Damage

Again, the damage depends on how it hits. Once I did this one, I became pretty sure the damage depends on the HP Upper. I believe this because I think you can only hit the EX Upper one way (the first hit), cause if you hit the second hit, you wind up flying up and dont land in time to HP Upper.

Anyway, I really only tested this to make sure it works, and it does, and it’s pretty easy. On the other hand, t.MK xx HP Upper is very easy on Urien…I didn’t record the damage, but it’s an even easier alternative.

The last thing I tested was on Hugo, and even though I was sure you wouldn’t be able to miss his fat ass, he somehow doesn’t get hit by the EX Upper; you’re too far back, just like Dudley. I also tried doing 2 LP MGBs to get in real close before the EX Upper, but it still whiffed; apparently the LP MGBs can only move you so close.

So anyway, I hope this helps someone besides me. It was at least entertaining doing the combo over and over :pleased:

EDIT: Oh, and I meant to test on twins too, but I didn’t really have time. Maybe tomorrow.

My question is, how the hell did you get the dos font and how did you get it to format that way? O_o
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