EX Move execution problems

Hello, don’t know if there’s a post for this already but I’m wondering if anyone has ever had inconsistency problems with ex moves. Every once in a while when I do an ex move, I get sort of a plink instead. For some reason, I’m having a hard time getting both buttons for the ex move to register at the same time. Is there any way to get more consistent with ex moves?

it’s probably not a good idea to describe it with sf4 terms like plink since most people here won’t know what that is.

regardless, ex moves have to be done with both buttons on the same frame. iirc sf4 has greater leniency (based on my experience). you might also want to consider that usb ports on your pc aren’t really designed for gaming or converters in particular, or that many keyboards have restrictions on simultaneous inputs. if that isn’t relevant to you then you’re probably just missing the timing or hanging too long on one of the buttons.

Hit 3 buttons for EX as coverage.

You don’t really want to plink the buttons since the EX moves aren’t , as gaijinblaze said, as lenient as sf4 moves

Make sure to press them (not plink, double tap or anything) in order to get them out consistently

Thanks for all the advice. By the way, I am playing third strike on the ps2 via anniversary collection and I’m wondering if there is a option to view inputs like in SF4’s training mode just to make sure that I am not plinking or doing any other wrong inputs?

sadly no. for some reason that was overlooked in all console ports of 3S. a lot of us have requested it for the upcoming port so here’s hoping they won’t drop the ball on training mode features again.

I know it’s pretty scrubish to not be able to hit two buttons simultaneously but is there any way to fix this execution error or do you just have to try to practice on not messing up? Thanks.

Listen to music, tap buttons to the beat. Helps me.