EX Moves: Are you having problems performing them in 3SOE?

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Want to know if you are having problems performing EX Moves in 3SOE and on which console.

Ryan said it could be a stick issue, so please mention the stick used as well.

Might be related to the modes as well so mention what modes (online, training, arcade, offline versus, trials, all modes, etc)

PS3, SE, Sometimes.

I’ve heard reports of it on 360 too (TE I think)

And of course, there was that justin wong tweet.

using a hrap ex for xbox. offline i have no problem. i think it has to do with ggpo and dropped inputs. or it could be sticks, who knows.

I’ve had no issues doing EX moves on the 360, but I was playing on two HRAPs at the time so I’m not sure how it is on the Madcatz TE.

Yes, I am. But I mainly attribute it to my controller, which apparently can’t deliver clean simultaneous two button inputs. For example, my LP+MP input is LP~LP+MP, and so on. I have to use the 3P and 3K shortcuts to deliver EX moves. Throws, UOH, and the like are especially funny because the input for me, for example on throw, is LP~LP+LK, which means LP kara canceles into throw, which means I can’t do Akuma’s Demon Flip throw. It’s no problem, really, and as I said the fault is my controller because the same happens in every other game I try to play it with.

I play Ibuki who’s totally reliant on hit confirming into EX moves and haven’t been having any problems. Aside from the fact that I’m using a converter on my personal TE that drops inputs.

360, TE, nonexistent.

Once I realized holding down both buttons for a tiny bit longer does the trick it’s been working 100% of the time.

I could be me or it might not be, but EX moves do not seem like they come out 100% of the time…

I spend hella time in training mode, and I notice that EX moves act fucked up some times even when using the the 3P/3K button…

I’m hope it’s just in my head but still…

PS3, HRAP SA, no issues that I’ve noticed. I’ve played maybe five hours or so with this release. My previous frame of reference is xbox Anniversary Edition port, played on seimitsu modded SE.

I’m curious if anyone here or at Capcom can get to the bottom of this. This many complaints… something’s got to be fishy somewhere in there.

Shouldn’t that be theoretically impossible? In training mode, is your meter set to infinite/maximum? Do you still get the regular special move to come out?

Anyway I’m having problems with getting the EX moves o come out consistently on 360. I don’t use a 3P/3K button, but I have tried just pressing all 3 punches or all three kicks at the same time with hopes that it would be more consistent (it’s not). I’m using a PS2 Mayflash modded with sanwa buttons and a JLF stick and a converter to use it on 360. Like I said in the other thread, I don’t have this EX move issue on the PS2 version of 3S or other games on the 360.

EDIT:** I ran a test in training real quick with the jab button set to 3P instead and I did in fact get a regular fireball once with Ryu instead of an EX fireball when I kept throwing them repeatedly. The meter was set to ‘maximum’. Training dummy set to ‘all guard’ so I could throw them in rapid succession. I used the hori fighting stick ex2 for this test.**

I have very infrequent issues on 360 with my SE. It’s touch and go. I can go a whole day without any problems, and all of a sudden no EX in a round/match/set.

PS3, custom stick (PS1 A-series dual shock pcb which is known to have good converter compatibility), radioshack converter. i’ve had numerous dropped ex aegises online that i felt were not my fault. for other ex moves it’s been hard to determine if it’s myself or the game. in offline training it seems about the same as PS2 to me.

3P/K binding occurs at the software level here so i don’t think the stick matters. if i get a chance i might try that sometime on PS3 just to see what happens.

I use a PS3 pad and they’re easy for me to do. L1 for 3P and L2 for 3K.

EX moves are easy to pull off. Reverse SRK and reverse half circle motions can be difficult at times though.

no offense, but theres no reason to post in this thread if you use the 3p 3k macros.

had no issues on PS3 (SE with sanwa buttons / stick).

lol you can’t be fucking serious… so this game has dropped inputs to add to the whole list of problems…

Who didn’t notice this?

EDIT: Maybe something is just wrong with the macro… man I hope so… occasionally I use the macros on the extra buttons out of laziness and they don’t work the way they should(for exs) I guess it isn’t just in my head…

Well, no reason to post here if you’re gonna say “I get it fine with macros” but if you came here to say “I’m using the macro and it’s still dropping”, then the game obviously have a problem. And there seems to be a post with that already.

Bulldancer, I don’t use the macro and I’ve been having that problem, We need to test some more and record it.

oh wow, it doesnt come out 100% if you use the 3p 3k macro? thats interesting…:wasted:

So far I’ve found one way to reproduce this(with the macro)…

With Ryu: :f::d::hk::df:+3p macro…

I don’t get a ex shoryuken half the time…

It might be an execution error on my part but I tried doing it normally and same result…

I mean I don’t think there would be a whole bunch of times where I would like to kara cancel sweep into ex shoryuken but still I guess this still counts as evidence of input dropping…

Can someone in here confirm…

360 version…

Sounds like execution errors to me, but whatever.

I tried a test doing ex moves and making sure I got the last motion input in before I did the x2 button press and always got the ex.

Did the whole 3k/3p test and didn’t get any errors on a custom made using a chimp pcb.