EX moves - literally! (silly art I made)


I’m a visual-literal thinker and someone said “EX bear” in the forums so I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of a bear flashing yellow running after people. So after I finished “EX bear” and made some people laugh in the AE forum. I then thought of EX snake strike…

Someone could feel free to pick up on the rest…you get where I’m going with this. There are more animal references…or anything else EX… :wonder: laughs :slight_smile:

EX Bear

EX Snake Strike

EX Condor Dive



that made me lol.


your work consists of 10% troll… but i laugheg so It’s All Gooood.

Do a EX Spinning Bird Kick
Dragon Punch
Buffalo Headbutt


I lol’d.


i lol’d into a seizure


lol @ snake strike


Do EX Rhino Horn


too bad you cant do EX ultras haha, id love to see dirty bull. or gyro drive smasher (aka-dude eating a gyro while driving lolz)