Ex NDL Combos

Ex NDL = 11
Ex NDL, Standing roundhouse (Close to sweep distance) = 22
Ex NDL, Standing fierce (Corner only) = 23
Ex NDL, NDL (Corner only or jumping in) = 19
Ex NDL, Standing Jab (Corner only, reset) = 14 / with XNDL reset: 30
Ex NDL, AXE (Corner Only) Jab AXE =18 , Strong AXE =20, Fierce AXE =22, Ex AXE = 24
Ex NDL, Jumping jab (Corner only, semi-reset) = 15
Ex NDL, UOH (Corner only) = 15
Ex NDL, Standing Back + MK (Rest,corner only) = 19. With canceled NDL: 27 XNDL: 49
Ex NDL, Super Jump into EX. DRA= 26
Ex NDL, Super Jump into short (Semi-Reset) = 15

I think thats it for now. Post more up if I missed some. I hope this helps :tup:

PS: Done against Ken.

Ex NDL, Standing roundhouse (Close to sweep distance) = 22
Ex NDL, Standing fierce (Corner only) = 23
Ex NDL, NDL (Corner only or jumping in) = 19

only good ones, I don’t think the resets are that great. Sides there’s no point in burning a buncha bar either

EX-NDL -> invisible …own


Ex NDL shouldn’t really be used with combos in mind, just used to keep your opponent off your back (one of Twelve’s few decent knockdown moves) and to keep your opponent from settling down (full screen away, build meter, ex NDL, build meter). I can honestly say that ex NDL, st.RH is the only one I ever bother with.

Still, nice list Mert :tup:

Thanks man I do what I can to help spread the Twelveness. Oh yeah and Ex NDL, Invisable is also very, very good.

Regarding this reset combo:
Corner: QCF+2P, B+MKxxQCF+2P
I reset with B+MK and cancel into another EX NDL right?

I think so yeah, Mert will have to confirm it. But I wouldn’t use that combo Akutabi. If you’re going to burn meter for two EX moves, might as well go for the old c.LK, jab AXE xx XNDL instead.

Hell, what ever floats your boat. This is just a fun little list I came up with. :karate:

best EX NDL resets to me are in the corner

EX NDL, standing LP, UOH or walk-up to cr. LK to XNDL
or EX NDL, Standing LP, walk-up to throw

if an EX NDL hits as an anti-air ur best follow ups are either standing MP or standing HK

Plus, if ya ask me EX NDL is good to use on wake-up, safe, keeps the pressure, safe if parried. Plus alot of ppl tend to fall for anti-air HP(reset), EX NDL. Mostly the noobs fall for this lil’ tactic.

EX NDL is a good taunt set-up, XNDL (can;t quick revocer duh!) or f/B + throw are his best taunt set-up’s. But I dont recomend his taunt at all.

Don’t recomend his taunt! :wow: . His taunt is sweet! It almost seems like Capcom made him to go invisable. Such as, he can walk under fireballs, fly and launch projectiles without giving away his position. Its a great way to get your opponent to do a random attack and get punished by XNDL. Such as trying to shoryuken and just miss you, then nail em with an XNDL. I think alot of serious players use his taunt. You really should consider it.

I don’t know. His taunt is okay but it takes ages to do and I don’t like the idea of Twelve standing still. He should always be moving or building meter. In my experience, most players just turtle while Twelve is invisible so the best thing to do IMO is EX XNDL from full screen/near full screen, taunt, build meter with c.MP. I’ll only do that every now and then though. Just to keep the opponent slightly unsettled and nervy.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

If the opponent turtles you have so many options.

  1. Build meter
  2. air dash and mixup w/ [j.rh, land&throw, c.lk xx AXE, etc.]
  3. bait a move so you can punish w/ XNDL or w/e

I meant turtling while Twelve is invisible, not… turtling turtling.

I gotcha haha :karate:

I found out the some characters can be juggled twice with Ex NDL. So far I only tried it on Chun, Q and Hugo. It worked on Chun and Q but not Hugo I’ll have to varify the rest of the cast.

Ex NDL xx Ex NDL, HP (Corner Only)


LP and shit like that works too but who cares.

How much damage and hits does it deals compare to Ex NDL then FP NDL

Didnt know that was a combo… I’ll test it out this weekend