Ex Palm, now what?

So I remember how useful the backthrow guide was for me, (not just for learning new things, but for helping solidify my own thoughts about when to do which option) and I thought it might be good to get an ex-palm guide together as well.

What moves you use after ex palm is pretty dependent on corner distance, character, and how much health they have left. I think most of us here have their basic game plan, but I thought it might be good to get them written down together here. I’m not posting exact damage values because I’m still on vanilla (come on capcom, throw PC players a bone here), but i’ll post general relative damage values and hopefully they are still true in Super.

I hope people new to Gouken find this informative.

Non-corner, no meter, no ultra

This is definitely the easiest one on the list, works on the whole cast, and provides a fairly good amount of damage. It’s a good default choice.

Tighter execution requirements than mp.palm and for not much more damage. I don’t recommend it for online play, but if you are playing offline it shouldn’t be difficult to get the timing down.

dash, hk.tatsu
More damage than mp.palm, however, there are character-specific and side-specific issues. Those issues may have changed in Super, so i’m not going to list them here, i’ll leave that for the rest of the thread to argue over :slight_smile: Generally, I only recommend this when the extra damage will end the round or to get them as far away as possible.

dash, walk, sweep
Not a lot of damage, but sets up flip mixup well to continue your offense.

dash, cr.lk > mk.flip
Pretty tight execution-wise, but a nice flip mixup that’s fast and usually unexpected. Worth learning for occasional use.

Non-corner, two meter, no ultra

fadc, jf.mp juggle, hk.tatsu
For the absolute max damage with 2 meter, go with this. Not much more damage than just dash tatsu, but if it ends the round, it’s worth it.

fadc, jf.mp juggle, lp.fireball, s.hk
Less damage than hk.tatsu, but more stun. If they are close to stun, this is a pretty good choice.

fadc, jf.mp juggle, sweep
Not a whole lot more damage/stun than straight sweep, but easier execution if you want the sweep but are having trouble with the dash/walk/sweep.

fadc, jf.mp juggle, s.fp > mk.flip
Good for adding a bit of flash and confusion to your mixup game. Easier execution than the dash cr.lk > mk.flip

Non-corner, three meter, no ultra

fadc, jf.mp juggle, ex.tatsu
I think this is the highest damage/stun you can do non-corner with no ultra.

Non-corner, no meter, ultra

dash, ultra
Pretty tight, execution wise, but good. Much easier offline than on. From what I understand, some people can add a small walk to the end of the dash to get the 3-hit, but i’ve never been able to do that.

Non-corner, two meter, ultra

fadc, jf.mp juggle, ultra
This is how I usually go for the ultra after ex.palm. I like the jf.mp juggle because it gives me plenty of time to make the execution super easy.

fadc, dash again, ultra
Does slightly more damamge than the juggle version, but the execution is so much easier with the juggle that I don’t use this one.

Corner, no meter, no ultra

hp.fb, lp.fb, cr.fp > (lk or mk).flip
This is my go-to corner combo. Good damage with a nice mixup at the end. Using mk flip on the right corner results in gouken landing in the corner, using it on the left corner results in keeping the victim in the corner.

hp.fb, lp.fb, sweep
Sometimes you want the hard knockdown. Different mixup but I rarely use it.

hp.fb, hk.tatsu
Round ender combo only. More damage than the previous choices, but you generally don’t want to be doing tatsu in the corner unless it’s for the KO.

Corner, one meter, no ultra

ex.fb (slight charge), lp.fb, cr.fp > lk.flip
I don’t generally consider this one worth it. Yes, more damage, but seems like a waste of an exbar to me.

ex.fb (slight charge), lp.fb, sweep
Another that I don’t generally consider worth the exbar for the extra fireball.

ex.fb (slight charge), hk.tatsu
Another round ender only. Little harder than hp.fb, but of course more damage.

Corner, two meter, no ultra

ex.fb, ex.tatsu
Another max damage round ender.

Corner, no meter, ultra

This does more damage than hp.fb to ultra, (at least in vanilla) you just have to wait a bit rather than being able to buffer it.

Corner, one meter, ultra

ex.fb (slight charge), ultra
Does a little more damage than straight ultra, but the timing is harder and I generally don’t recommend it online. Wiffing your ultra and recieving a maxpunish is just not worth it to me. Offline? go for it.

There’s a million other things to do in the corner, so I only listed the ones that I think are good choices, however, feel free to post more if you think I missed a good one.

When i am in the corner I sometimes use Starter > Ex palm, hp.fb, lp.fb, cr.fierce reset into > lk.flip(into flip throw or when fighting characters with an uppercut i bait it with air parry to land another damaging combo) and when on the right side corner you can mk.flip to cross them up as where when on the left corner it won’t cross them up.

How clean is: dash, ultra1?

Seriously, I cannot do this mid screen to safe my arse on or offline. I’ve done it “near” the corner without FADC, just to the point where I didn’t think it would catch. Completely mid screen? I’d love to see a vid of this hitting, reliably (non tool assisted). I know its possible, but I have to be getting old not to have ever really done it mid-screen.

I also can’t to lk tatsu, FADC, u1/2 reliably either, so I’m definitely lower on the execution scale for this TIGHT timing.

In my opinion Tatsu FADC Ultra 1/2 isn’t worth learning(it’s still good to learn for certain situations such as game winning) because Gouken can’t link into Tatsu(Capcom at least give gouken jab, jab, jab > tastu please!).

you have to do the ultra motion completely during the forward dash and the ultra has to do the cinematic at a point where you can’t see the other guy’s back in frame. That will give you the multi-hit version. Doesn’t work on akuma as far as I can tell. Not sure who else. A shortcut for the ultra is down, down forward, down, down forward , forward, PPP. No need for the middle forward. makes it a bit easier.

tatsu fadc ultra is AWESOME against a lariat-happy gief. tatsu DESTROYS lariat at a far distance, and while it would normally send you up in the air and miss the rest of the hits while you wait for gief to punish, the fadc ultra tells him, “ya, don’t do lariat at me”

good point about the mk.flip crossup. I’ll add that.

good point about the mk.flip crossup. I’ll add that.

I’d love to see a video of a human consistently hitting EX palm, dash, ultra. That has to be one of the tightest hits in the game, period.

I’d love to see a video of a human consistently hitting EX palm, dash, ultra. That has to be one of the tightest hits in the game, period.

I hit it about 2/3 of the time, but my execution isn’t the best.

for the record, gouken CAN link to tatsu fadc ultra. sc.mp links to cr.mk or cr.lp which cancel to hk.tatsu, fadc ultra
it’s a 1-frame link.

The strangest thing about this is I tend to hit this much, much more often ONline as opposed to off. I will consistently screw the timing and not dash after the palm in actual matches, to the point where I just won’t try it.

Ex palm, dash, cr.mp xx mk. demon flip
Seems like its much easier to land than cr.lk xx mk. demon flip.

Good list, but I think it would be easier to follow if the amount of ex stock was used for the full combo/reset rather than the amount of stock used after ex palm.

eg. fadc, jf.mp juggle, hk.tatsu

should be non-corner, three meter; meter for ex palm, 2 stocks for FADC then combo. Just a suggestion but i’ll add a few more combos that aren’t listed.

(3 stocks altogther including ex palm)

FADC, jf.mp, jf.mp, (c.hp, c.mp, s.lp, c.lp, c.lk, c.mk), mk flip

FADC, jf.mp, lp.fb, (c.mp, c,lk), hk flip

FADC, jf.mp, jf.mp, sweep

FADC, jf.mp, hp.palm

FADC, hp.fb, mp.palm

(4 stocks altogether including ex palm)

FADC, jf.mp, jf.mp, ex tatsu (only works on large chars)

FADC, jf.mp, ex.fb, s.hk

I think this only works on bigger characters but after EX Palm near the corner, you can do:

lp.fb, lp palm, ultra 2 (4 hit)

It’s not the most useful in the world but when you’re at that range where you wouldn’t be able to do anything off of a hit hp.fb in the corner, it’s a good alternative. even without the U2 finisher, it stuns well and you are still in a favorable position by pushing your opponent into the corner along with closing the gap between you and him quite nicely. I think the combo also looks pretty cool.

i generally never use meter, but i rarely pull people into the corner anyway… if it’s non corner, HP Palm… though I should implement fadc Shin given the opportunity.

If it’s corner, then I do mp fb, hk tatsu.

I watch Bullcat do either mp or hp fb, then lp fb, and then st hk. it resets but at that point he or she is already stunned. I should implement this into my game as well, or cr hp xx flip

I know that but, it’s impractical for the normal player and i won’t waste learning it.