Ex pc option select

Hi, I’m just starting to learn option selects, I’m ok with the simple OS such as slide or s.RH but I don’t understand the one shown in this video where akuma’s teleport is punished with an ex pc. Could anyone explain to me how this is achieved?


after you do your light or medium scissor kick, push [up-back + kick]. this way you retain your back charge for the PC while performing your headstomp at the same time.

on akuma’s wakeup he’ll either block the HS, which means you do whatever follow up you want to do after an HS and you can’t possibly do an expc, or he teleports away, which is when you push the direction facing toward akuma and two punch buttons so you execute an ex-pc.

it’s not really on option select so much as it is abusing the lenient input time and recognizing that akuma tried to escape you

fairly certain an akuma mashing m.dp on wakeup will beat you outright, and mashing l.dp will trade you

Thanks for the hint, I’ll try that as soon as possible.

If you look at the video at 2:50 however it seems to me as if bison is doing a real option select that punishes both teleports with ex PC or otherwise continues with a bnb combo, any idea on that?

you have to input ex psycho during the recovery frames of the chainablemove. a chain basically ignores the recovery frames and it will come if you input it late. but you won’t cancel your st.jab into ex psycho though since you have to cancel during the active phase of the normal.

its the same principle as yuns option select lunge punch.

does it still work using jab as a chainable move? It’s not necessary that the chainable move is cancellable with the special I want to buffer?

I used to do it with ex scissors by canceling on cr.lk with charge then forward plink lk with mk ,hk.Giving me ex scissor. It has to be really fast and catches chuns backdash but the knockdown isnt worth it unless capcom made it untechable.

you can empty headstomp into EX PC, check out what Issy does in the end in round 1 in this set


^those are empty devil reverses, not headstomps

the first one is impressive to me since i didn’t know you do an auto correct expc AFTER an empty dr corpse hop. really sneaky shit imo.

the second one to finish the round is much less impressive and much more risky. empty dr gives you FOUR frames of recovery on landing. that means no matter what you do, the opponent can just throw you on your ass. i can’t do anymore empty dr shenanigans in my scene because they know it’s a free knockdown. the only reason why that worked against the viper in the video is because she was way too far out of throw range from walking backwards, so she missed the punish and just got hit plain and simple

auto correct expc/light scissors after empty DR corpse hop is in the setups thread >.>

^rofl, really? i read that thread a few times, how could i have missed it?

guess ill read through it again :s

haha yeah I meant empty DR, well looks like it’s actually hard to get the charge time down after the throw…I was trying to test it out in training

ex psycho OS input:
Back cr lp, stlp+Forward mp

it’s a chainmoved priority Option Select, i use them against fei’s chicken wing or sakura’ ex shoryu
but you need charge so only after slide or knee press fadc combo ending with psycho lp.

I like how there’s zero explanation of what’s going on and none of Bison’s input displayed.