"EX Projectiles" ...?

I’m probably gonna get flamed for this, but trust me when I said that I’ve spent a good chunk of time looking for the answer all over the internet.

I’m not a super tournament player or anything, but have got SF4 in town (Tamashima, Okayama), and was really liking the old school flavor of it. The newer versions of SF seem pretty over the top, and spending some time with SF4 really seems like they’ve trimmed the playstyle down to a more elegant approach.

I play Ken, and have noticed people pushing fireballs thru mine, and that theirs keep coming (which I can block). From what I’ve been able to understand by reading threads here is that those are ‘EX Projectiles’, but there’s no thread that explains how to do them. I know with Ryu doing the fireball motion twice produces his super fireball, but how do you do a ‘normal’ one?

QCF + P gives you a normal fireball. QCF + PP with 1 EX bar at the bottom gives you an EX fireball that I believe does 2 hits which is why it “goes through” normal fireballs. QCF x2 + P gives you a super.

So to answer your question, you’re looking to do QCF + 2 (or maybe 3) Punch buttons at the same time while you have 1 section of your meter at the bottom of the screen for an EX Fireball to come out.

edit: whoops ^ beat me to it

ahhh… so just the normal QCF with two punch buttons instead of the one. thanks!

I thought EX moves are performed with all 3 buttons now in SF4?
The whole projectile beating other projectile thing is old really; in previous SFs, Ryu’s Shinku Haduken would do less hits if collided with an opponents projectile.
IIRC if in SF3 Ryu does Shinku Haduken and it collided with Ken’s EX-Haduken, the Shinku Haduken should do only 3 hits instead of 5.
In Vampire Savior, the rules are rather different, but I won’t elaborate on that since its a long story :P.

Akuma can do his teleport DP+PPP/KKK and EX moves in SF4. So I guess it’s two buttons for EX attacks like in SF3.

How did this get out of the SFIV board ? Where’s the modlociraptor at?

meh, i posted it here because it wasn’t strictly SF4 based, i thought.

just got back from the arcade and working as advertised. Two punch buttons pushes it thru a regular fireball, and i realized it works for just about everything else, too… mashing two and doing a fierce uppercut hits for an extra hit, and chunli’s spinning bird kick will hit crouchers etc.

very cool

You got your answer, and honestly, It IS SF4-related because you were playing SF4, right? Most of this stuff is on the marquees which should be all over the machine you’re playing on. All of the information you need to know to play is in the SF4 forum.