Ex.Psycho Safe Reversal Guide

Just did some testing about using Ex.Psycho as an escape tool on wake to get away from opponents or out of a corner. Assuming you pass through them on block and get the max distance away this is what your opponents can beat it with on block.

Abel: Ultra 1, Ultra 2.
Adon: Ultra 1.
Akuma: Nothing.
Blanka: C.HK, Ultra 2 (ground version).
Balrog: Super (requires delayed timing to fully connect), Ultra 1.
C.Viper: Nothing.
Cammy: Super (requires delayed timing to fully connect), Ultra 1.
Chun-Li: Super (does not fully connect), Ultra 1 (requires delayed timing to fully connect).
Cody: MK/EX.Ruffian Kick, Ultra 2 (requires delayed timing to fully connect).
Dan: Nothing.
Decapre: Ultra 2 (ground version).
Dee Jay: MK/HK Super, Ultra 1.
Dhalsim: S.MP, S.HP, S.MK, C.LP, C.MP, C.HP, Ultra 2.
Dudley: MP.Machine Gun Blow, Ultra 1 (requires delayed timing to connect).
E. Honda: Nothing.
Elena: DF+HK, Ex.Mallet Smash
El Feurte: Ultra 1, Ultra 2.
Evil Ryu: Nothing
Fei-Long: Rekka, HP Super (does not fully connect).
Gen: MP/HP Super (Mantis Stance).
Gouken: Nothing.
Guile: MK/HK/EX.Flash Kick, Ultra 2.
Guy: EX.Hozanto.
Hakan: MP/HP/EX.Oil Slide.
Ibuki: Ultra 1 (does not fully connect), Ultra 2.
Juri: Nothing.
Ken: Nothing.
Oni: F+HP.
M.Bison: MK/HK Super.
Makoto: Ex.Hayate.
Poison: Nothing.
Rolento: Ultra 2
Rose: Ultra 1.
Rufus: C.HP, Ultra 2.
Ryu: HP Super.
Sagat: F+HK Kara Tiger Uppercut, Super (does not fully connect, his HK Super connects less than his LK/MK Super ), Ultra 2.
Sakura: Nothing.
Seth: S.HP, Super, Ultra 1.
T.Hawk: Nothing.
Vega: EX.Flying Barcelona Attack, Ultra 2.
Yang: EX.Mantis Slash, Ultra 2.
Yun: LP/MP Lunge Punch, Ex.Shoulder, Ultra 2.
Zangief: MP/HP/EX.Banishing Flat.

Of course this doesn’t factor in viable option select’s that could stuff or trade with Ex.Psycho, like Lariat, Shoryuken, Ex.Tatsu or command normals like Rufu’s Dive Kick and Chun’s Cross Up Kick. etc.

But just so you know where and when you can’t be punished when you use Ex.Psycho Crusher.

Close or Cross up Blocked HP Pyscho Crusher in SSF is alot safer than EX.Psycho Crusher.
I believe its not possible to perform auto corrected backwards charge moves as reversals on a blocked HP Psycho Crusher. It causes the opponent to change direction between the two block hits.

Abel: Ultra 1, Ultra 2.
Adon: Nothing.
Akuma: Nothing.
Blanka: Nothing.
Balrog: Nothing.
C.Viper: Nothing.
Cammy: HK Super (does not fully connect).
Chun-Li: Nothing.
Cody: Nothing.
Dan: Nothing.
Dee Jay: Nothing.
Dhalsim: Nothing. (Odd hitbox, close HP Psycho Crusher will not get the second block hit on a crouching Sim and as a result can be punished with alot of Sims normals as a result)
Dudley: Nothing.
E. Honda: Nothing.
El Feurte: Nothing.
Fei-Long: Nothing.
Gen: HP Super (Mantis Stance).
Gouken: Nothing.
Guile: Nothing.
Guy: Nothing.
Hakan: Nothing.
Ibuki: Nothing. (Odd hitbox, close HP Psycho Crusher will not get the second block hit on a crouching Ibuki from a close HP and Ibuki can punish with MP/HP/EX.Neck Breaker)
Juri: Nothing.
Ken: Nothing.
M.Bison: Nothing.
Makoto: Nothing.
Rose: Nothing.
Rufus: Nothing.
Ryu: Nothing.
Sagat: Nothing.
Sakura: Nothing.
Seth: S.HP, Super, Ultra 1.
T.Hawk: Nothing.
Vega: Nothing.
Zangief: Nothing.

Great info.

although every char in the game can throw you out of ex psycho if they smell it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Bison can block exPC corner escape, and punish with PC and possibly SK

just delay the button input

Balrog can actually punish with ultra. Charge flip ultra timing is pretty lenient. If he blocks the ultra (and has a charge) he can basically do forward back forward back +PPP and get a flipped ultra.

Thanks for those tips guys. However SoVi3t I been unable to punish with any of Bison’s specials after a blocked ex.psycho. You sure this is possible?

Is point blank EX PC safe against Sagats kara Tiger Uppercut? I know that I’ve been hit by this often when I did the EX PC from pretty close distance, but I’m not sure if it was point blank. My execution/timing on the kara TU ist too bad to test this out in practice, I don’t even know if it’s f+LK or f+HK (or both) kara.

Not 100% sure but I don’t think kara tiger knee can punish ex.psycho if its done at point blank range.

It doesn’t matter if EX PC gets blocked point blank, Sagat can punish it every time with a kara TU (f+hk version only).

He can kara TU after blocking it cuz there’s just enough space to move up behind.

Again guys thanks for the info.

I was mirror matching one of the guys here (threi???) and hit him with PC after he tried to escape corner. And I know Shervin has caught me with ultra when I tried to escape (i think…i know he caught me with Ultra when I tried to ultra him).

You just have to delay the input of your buttons, so it autocorrects, like when you exSK a crossup attempt.

Reversal ultra does not work on ex.psycho on block for sure. I have test it. Its too slow. I’ll try again later to get ex.psycho to punish ex.psycho.

on a semi related note, abels jumping jab has some really weird properties or a weird hitbox or something, lawd I don’t care to think how many times I’ve been hit out of ex-PC by it, that thing drives me nuts! :arazz:

viper can punish every escape hard the same way: Thunder knuckle combo into ultra.

Viper can’t punish point blank ex.psycho on block with thunder kunckles. She has nothing.

Updated to include Super Street Fighter 4 characters.

You should also note that on the strict timing ultras. The opponents should block high; I’m pretty sure blocking low cancels out ultra opportunities for some characters.

I was fooling around with option selects and my Bison dummy was able to punish blocked EX-Psycho with auto-correct HK scissors. I’ll test again when I get the chance though.


Even Big Marcus seemed unaware that escape EX Psycho is unsafe against Abel, period.

Although he also got caught when he used escape EX-scissors, which…sucks.