Ex quesadilla bomb counter hit

It’s just one of those moves people seldom seem to use but the new counterhit property is insane. If you have another fully charged bomb to follow up after the wall bounce it does a whopping 400 damage plus decent stun. I also find it to be a good air counter since it makes counterhit wall bounces easier to work with.

The only problem with this move is how unsafe it is usually on the ground. Also, if you don’t have another bomb at the ready it becomes really difficult to combo off of. This results in the need for fadc which makes you waste 3 bars. Still, with fadc you can still do a lot of damage. Fadc forward with a hk guacamole or two dashes forward in total to hk into hk guacamole or an ex one if you want to waste an entire meter.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have other potential resets for this move? Three bars for a reset, it’s expensive but I think El Fuerte could use as much variety as possible don’t you?

prolly corner specific.

Messing around with it but the air to air hits to reset aren’t safe enough for Fuerte. I tried Ex bomb fadc jump with roundhouse but by the time you land it’s a new guessing game. Really hard to say. If you do his dash cancel (short kick) to jump in you can basically stun them if they guess right but I’m still trying to come up with something useful out of the mix. Maybe do an ex guacamole when you land hoping they jump back who knows.

El Fuerte’s mostly high risk for mostly low reward. This is something to attempt if you are confident you can read them well

El Fuerte must play risky at least that’s what I’ve come to understand. By far the safest way to use it is to fish for a focus but to make it even safer you could fadc back and use the other bomb you have ready.

Normally you can combo with a running sobat but I just got reminded that certain characters bounce off walls more than others like Cody vs Guile. More lab work in the process.

I disagree El Fuerte must make good reads to win. IPeru is the best fuerte in the world right now. He prefers a safe, strong neutral.

Most recently in SCR you would also see how Kai’s favored trick, EX Run stop Ultra was based on a read that the opponent would panic and jump, the opponent having no mid-air changing move (like an EX Tatsu) means they are commiting to the jump to evade a splash… and surrender a free ultra…

You have a point. It doesn’t make sense to run into trouble, but I find that’s what happens based on the risk of his special moves because his normals lack range. Suppose I’ll have to work on that sort of pressure but it’s a El Fuerte mentality that needs fine tuning.

I have been incorporating patience into my practice but it’s hard to find people patient enough to fight a Fuerte since they deem us “annoying”. Usually once I land a knock down I do a run and feint to assess what they’re willing to do like back dashes or focus or a combination. One question popped into my mind and it was how often one usually jumps in with El Fuerte to start some sort of pressure or mixup? His jump is really floaty so I don’t usually jump unless it’s off the wall and even then it’s telegraphed and risky.

Back to the main topic though. Ex bomb is expensive for 3 bars. I guess we’ll all have to work on our fundamentals and get inside our opponents head to really get those wins.

cr Light
far MP
cr MK
far HK
Far HP
Shower Kick

are his longest reaching normals. You can harras certain characters with far HK and crLP you just have to be smart about it