EX Red Fireball Tech



I’m just curious as to whether anybody really knew about his stuff yet because I haven’t really seen anybody use it ever. (with the exception of the U1 combo and also aware that yo can combo from other EX moves but I feel like it was unnecessary due to the damage and waste of meter vs those options)


EX Red fireball into…

Medium Axe Kick: is good damage and hard knockdown.

U1: way to combo into U1 anywhere on screen obviously

hop kick: Reset potential

I know based off of most hitboxes it’s harder to throw in a cr.jab into clst.strong for the EX Red fireball confirm but I’m pretty sure it still proves to be a viable block string because you recover really quickly from the EX red fireball which leaves you at some frame advantage. The only downside to doing that as a block string though is that I think that you can Ultra in between but I’m not too sure in regards to those properties.


the cs.MP xx EX red fireball when used as a blockstring can be thrown. Similar to this:



that was clst.fierce into EX. That isn’t even a combo so I highly doubt it’ll be a block string. Btw, wasn’t EX red fireball in the video either.

clst.strong has more hit stun and block stun than clst.fierce does which could make it more viable as a block string. Just saiyan.


I tested it myself using your exact notation.
I thought of this punish because of the vid.
Vid was only for visual purposes without me having to record myself…


wow it took u that long to figure that out smh


Aww, the secret is out. The reset you did at the end though was clever, never seen that before.


I’ve known that you can combo U1 off a EX shaku for a while now. But I don’t use it because my execution is so ass lol. Whenever I go for it, I end up doing the overhead 80% of the time because I’m trying to get ready to move the stick forward to start the HCB motion for EX shaku. It’s definitely something I need to work on because the damage is good and it only cost 1 bar.