EX Red Focus - No need for Genei Jin



No real need for Genei Jin when you can confirm into comparable damage and max stun, to lead into a next mixup stun scenario.


from the footage ive seen of kaz playing, the one use it’ll still have is off of lk dp AAs


“no real need for genei jin” is stretching it. If your opponent is at low life, you have 4 bars and get something blocked you can use genei jin to mixup pretty freely.

for combos off of sMP xx shoulder you do red focus (mostly for damage, and for stun), off of a hitconfirm of 2-3 moves into shoulder you might do genei jin instead for positioning and a stronger reset since a red focus might not provide the same damage you want.

425 to another 425 is bonkers though.


never forget about raw U1 in the corner into light shoulder xx genei jin.
dat ~800ish damage.


Yeah if you have 4 meters, I feel Genei Gin is still better. The difference is that now you have the option to spend 3 bars instead of 4.


I wouldn’t say its better in nearly all circumstances, RFC will net you around the same amount of damage (depending on how scaled it is before the RFC) AND it will also build up a lot of stun where GJ won’t.
It will have its uses but most often in a footsie based hit confirm you’re better off using RFC.
GJ will most likely be better using in a combo though heh.

These are my theories anyway, I haven’t actyally touched Ultra or the mod to test it out.


This is my opinion when you have 4 bars with Yun

To start a round: Use EX red focus and go for the stun

To make a comeback: Use EX red focus, but don’t use Ultra yet. Save it in case you score a stun.

To close out a round: Can’t go wrong either way

When you’re almost dead and your opponent has about half life: Use Super into Ultra to get max damage and hopefully kill your opponent


One is not strictly better than the other but I think once ultra settles, people will only use GJ for the kill since it doesn’t provide stun. Even then, people will want to preserve meter for the next round and opt for exrf instead. Obviously, though, the choice will always be situational. Everything will depend on the amount of life/stun your opponent has. So I think we’ll see tons of exrf combos, but GJ is definitely not obsolete.


Genei Jin has one use - to close out the round if the extra damage is required. That’s it.

Depending on what came before the crumple, you end up doing 400+ dmg and 700+ stun EVERY time. The max damage midscreen from Genei Jin is between 460 and 490 on it’s own, but you’re only going to get about 200-400 stun out of that, so Yun still needs two more combos to stun. With the Red Focus crumple, you:

  • Do comparable damage.
  • Do more stun.
  • Get corner carry as well.
  • Better oki.
  • Build meter.

The positioning and stun build up means it’s literally one combo, one mixup and off. Genei Jin still needs two mixups to stun/kill at this point.

Genei Jin is burning four bars, doing damage, doing no stun and building no meter. RFC is burning three bars, building meter back, doing (roughly) the same damage, LOADS more stun and still getting corner position. There’s no reason not to convert grounded hits into RFC.


Genei Jin has better oki than this RFC combo (although you can’t stun off one mixup), but I agree with everything you said. Oh and like Mike said AA lk.dp is the one other time to use GJ.



After 3:30 and 6:17 Kazunoko used EX red focus combos instead GJ…


VS Rose you should use genei jin because shoulder LP > EX RFA doesn’t work on her shitty hitbox when she is crouching. And on the reset in corner you can tenshin her with very little risk.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a difference between red focus cancel and EX red focus cancel?

Edit: is it just a matter of if we release and let the hit come out as opposed to just dashing?

As for the point at hand, I’m pretty sold. Lol. If for any reason than just the apparent ease.


These will be defined in a literal manner first, and then I’ll describe the differences.

Red Focus Cancel: You’d do the Red Focus raw, and then cancel out of it by dashing forward or backward.
EX Red Focus Cancel You’d do this when canceling out of a normal or special

The difference between the two are the following:

Red Focus:

  • Takes two bars
  • Gives you infinite armor
  • Does not crumple at level 1 unless it’s counter-hit
  • Connecting a Level 1 Red Focus on your opponent and dashing forward afterwards leaves you at frame disadvantage

EX Red Focus:

  • Takes three bars
  • Gives you no armor as you’re canceling out of a move (similar to EX Focus cancel where you do Shoryuken FADC, and your Focus Attack does not have armor)
  • Crumples at any level, regardless of whether or not it’s counter-hit
  • Connect a Level 1 EX Red Focus on your opponent acts similar to connecting a Level 2 EX Focus on your opponent and dashing forward, leaving you at frame advantage


Ex red focus combos are also so easy to do.