Ex red focus


I was looking through the brady games guide and read that ex red focus has additional frame advantage on block. It should be + after a forward dash for most characters. Has this been discussed already? What are your thoughts?


Yes it’s been explored. Level 1 EX Red Focus has the same frame advantage as a level 2 regular focus. Again, a trait of Capcom’s Copy-paste methodology. They copied level 2 focus over for EX RF and just changed the damage values. If you charge up to level 2 EX Red Focus it has the exact same values as level 1 other than damage. :confused:

While DP - EX RF isn’t a true block string for most characters (AFAIK) it’s a fairly small gap. So doing DP - EX RF Attack - Dash cancel on block will leave you +4F for some characters like Akuma for instance. Though some characters (like Guile) can flash kick and catch any option. If you DP - EX RF - Release the RF as an attack. Flash kick beats it. If you DP - Regular EX FOcus - Dash cancel during the charge flash kick catches most backdashes and beats forward dashes.


The focus is red. It’s not a copy and paste.

This is a copy and paste.
This is a copy and paste.


Still EX Red focus uses 3 bars, so it’s more or less like doing EX DP FADC, wich also leaves you at + frames (I think?)


Depends on character but most it’s -1F or 0F. A couple are + and I think one or two are -2F but usually it’s -1F or 0F


Oh OK,but still it’s another option, as red focus isn’t a true blockstring they might mash, so you do ex shoryu fadc and block


Decapre with that -5 and Blanka with that -3


least blanka can true blockstring to focus


Yeah, but Up ball isn’t a “DP” and Decapre’s has low blockstun


It’s close enough.

I wish they’d fix decapre’s, it’s pretty wonky because she can’t hit confirm into her ultra either so you have to commit to the dash forward