Ex Rhino Horn Oh you

So I’ve been experimenting with EX Rhino horn in the corner and I got this info~~~<br><br>So standing EX Rhino puts your opponent in a capture state off when done on an idle/standing opponent. After using midscreen it pushes the opponent full screen.  BUT in the corner they are right in front of you.<br><br>The mixup is done by forward dashing as soon as possible after the EX Rhino Horn puts them in the corner. Elena will crossup and they have to roll into the corner. If you tap foward at any moment she will sharply turn around and you can make some great 50/50 scenarios, but keep in mind if you ever tap forward they can roll out of the corner. b+HK also crosses up (f+HK won’t come out for some reason though) it also forces her out of the corner and also your opponent has to roll towards the corner… Hold up forward (towards corner) and jHP will be a safe jump seems like a 4f safe jump I’ll test it some more later.<br>Hopefully someone with a cam can record it to better visualize show it off.<br><br>concept combo<br>lp/mp mallet smash > cr.mp > cr.mp EX rhino (362dmg before the mixup) forward dash <br><br>options after forward dash<br>b+HK (whiff) cr.mp > cr. mp > BNB opponent stays in corner<br><br>jump towards corner meaty jHP > BNB opponent is forced midscreen<br><br>walk forward cr.mp<br><br>st.mk cr.mp (elena kicks out of corner opponent rolls forward elena does a meaty cr.mp)<br><br>Enjoy!<br><br>

Also great thing about EX rhino…It hits crouching opponents so this tech is universal.<br>

Time to hit the lab! This mixup sounds delicious since it forces the opponent to roll into the corner.

That’s some pretty neat stuff. Definitely deserves further research!

Hot damn, this is some really juicy stuff. Elena just got better IMO<br>

Now If only I could find a meaty f+mp setup I’d be happy =P<br>

I personally love the walk forward mix up as if you delay it ever so slightly, you won’t cross up the opponent so you can train them to think you’re going to cross up, but then you stay in the corner. The ambiguity of this technique is freaking awesome!<br>