Ex rush upper into ultra



so i was messing around in training(i was bored)

so i set ryu 2 jump

i wanted to try get the timing right 2 use ex or normal rush upper as a AA

so doing it 4 a while the timing is kinda nuts but ryu was only jumping up and down so that would make a difference

after a few times of hitting ryu at the peak of his jump i noticed he was high in the air

so i thought maybe i can juggle this into ultra(really i thought it was not possible lol)

so after a good few try’s it happened but i never juggled right

then i did it

it can be used anywhere on screen

the timing is strict

after the ex upper u have 2 charge back straight away 2 get enough charge for the ultra

heres a vid

sorry if this has been posted already or everyone knew about it

i did a search and found nothing



you can also do dash low straight into ultra if there in the corner and they dont have to be jumping. i just did a ex rush upper in the corner and i hit him over my head and then i ultra’d the other way and it connected hahaah


this is pretty old.


Yes, this is very old, but thanks anyways.
You can anti-air TAP/Headbutt/Dash Straight/Rush Upper/Smash(in or near corner) and juggle with Ultra.


could not find anything on it

plus seen no one use it

there any video’s with TAP headbutt ultra?


The latest video in the video thread. Minen does it against an akuma

EDIT: and this means you didnt watch Gootecks’ basics videos. They are pretty good and worth the watch


i did watch/still do watch

it was not the dash upper he did dash low straight


check out 0:44… the old school trade-> ultra, but still extremely satisfying, at least more than that of Ryu’s



nice vid.


This isn’t the only piece of breaking news out today, folks. I heard from a very reliable source that if you time it right, you can do a super move immediately after a special move and do a sort of ‘cancel’, effectively comboing the super move.


if people updated their stickies, there wouldn’t be this problem of old information topics