EX Seismo > HP TK > Ultra 1, Hit and miss

Alright I searched but didn’t find much, and didn’t see this in the combo list in the sticky.

But while practicing tonight I pulled off a EX Seismo > Heavy Punch Knuckle > Ultra 1

It did considerable damage, so i turned on my damage info and couldnt seem to pull this off a second time. Is their a trick to it?

I was practicing against a dummy vega, could it just be his hitbox and my timing is off? I know from just the EX Seismo >ultra 1 i had to have his torso right at my head level to connect with the ultra.

not much of a trick, just SJC the HP TK, in the corner it works pretty easily but the majority of the time landing EX seismic you’ll be hit confirming it leaving you too far for HP TK, which is why most opt for MP TK in the corner or HK BK midscreen.

Oh ok. Didn’t even think of sjc I must have mashed it out that way. I normally do the ex tk or mp tk. I doubt ill try and master it though lol thanks

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