EX Shootdown Backbreaker Glitch?



I was fighting a Hugo online with Dan. I knocked down Hugo and I tried to bait something from him, he did EX Shootdown Backbreaker wake up. I dash back and some how it still grabs me. I said to myself “Did I jump? I don’t think so.” After the match I tested it in training mode and it grabs off ground if you dash back (Only EX at least with Dan). Was this intended or a bug? Im guessing it is a bug. If this is intended this is highly unfair. A Anti-air that grabs off ground? Bullshit.


Backdashes have airborne frames…so he grabbed you during the airborne part.


But how come only the EX hits? Bigger Hitbox?


Most likely.


Unfair? you fucking kidding?

Hugo’s AA is highly situational. for one, it has 0 invincibility and he can be hit out of it by tons of jumping moves.

it’s part of the game. he has to try and predict when you’re going to dash. if he gets it right he gets a punish.

it’s far from easy to do, and it takes practice. and if you think this is the only move in the game that punishes backdashes, you’re nuts.


The thing is that bothers me though that it’s a anti-air and it gets me off ground. Doesn’t make much sense.


Dan’s backdash, despite looking like it’s on the ground, is in fact airborne.


Pony_Dan shhhhh (whispering) dan player we need to stick together. If anything that is perceived broken on a lower tier character capcom will nerf it and make yun’s jab 1/2 frame start up and recovery lol.

this is what alex valle said and combofiend retweeted it
"My USF4 Tier List: My Char - S Tier, Your Char F Tier. The end…"


Hugo grabbing off a anti-air move on the ground is broken. Hopefully they fix that.


Backdashes have airborne frames. You are not grounded. Try walking back instead and Hugo will fly over your head harmlessly.


It doesn’t grab on the ground. Backdashes are considered airborne for a few frames. That’s why you got grabbed.


You know what’s unfair? I’m not getting the time back I spent reading this.


Yes let’s whine about one of the worst characters in the game being unfair. Is Hugo not allowed to have anything good? I remember when people cried about sfxt vanilla Hugo. Lol


Doesn’t he have some option selects that will auto grab back dashers ?


Did you even read the comments?


,yep sure did and all I see is a lot of op complaing about it being unfair that hugo can grab back dashes even though multiple people have told him/her that u are considered airborne. Generally speaking I think calling for Hugo to be nerfed in anyway is asinine as he’s already one of the worst characters in the game


I knew, im just saying seems unfair. Regardless Hugo isn’t one of the worst. He does better then zangief in almost all areas. He more mid tier.


dude you are way off base in your criticisms with Hugo. I am gonna confidently assume you don’t play Hugo or Zangief to make that statement.




As a former Hawk main(who previously was bottom tier), I can tell you Hugo has an even harder time than AE version hawk.

Watch a Hugo V.s sagat match and tell me how good Hugo is.


I have played zangief and a bit of Hugo. Zangief has better knockdown game. Hugo has better pokes and a better anti-air. Hugo is also much faster as well. Zangief can get in easier as well. Hugo has absorbs on some attacks. Zangief has one. Hugo can combo better and has a bigger damage output then zangief. Your statement is invalid.