Ex-Soldier Gets 75Yrs in Jail for Stomping 8Yr Boy into a Coma for Deleting GTA4

Rocky Donadio, Oklahoma Ex-Soldier, Gets 75 Years in Prison for Stomping 8-Year-Old Boy Into Coma Over Xbox Game - Seattle News - The Daily Weekly :amazed:

**“stomping his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son so bad that his intestines burst” **

That’s really fucked up, guy has destroyed the boy’s life.

Game ain’t that good either

I like the comments in that article from the keyboard warriors. Right, you guys would beat up the ex-soldier, I’m sure.

As much as I dislike what happens in this types of articles, I always want to beat up the people that start acting tough, because as we all know in real life, nobody ever does anything on their own. The only time people might do anything is if they have a huge numbers advantage, and in 90% of those cases they pick on innocent victims, because even then a guy that is a legit badass scares them shitless.

i don’t even know what to say to this.

wonder if he’ll get the pedo treatment in prison? having your intestines and pancreas removed so you need a tube to get nutrients to your body for the rest of your life…talk about having your life ruined before it even starts.

bet that girlfriend thinks she has great taste in men now

I doubt the girlfriend thinks much about anything

Man, that’s pretty bad. You gotta have some pent up rage to unleash like that.

In my opinion.

…they probably did try to play the post traumatic stress card

“the 32-year-old was just handed a 75-year sentence, which, in the best case-scenario–being released after 80 percent of his sentence–means he’ll be 92 years old before he’s free to start a new Grand Theft Auto game.”
That’s fucked up, I hope he gets some very special treatment in prison.

He could have started a new game. GTA will be long gone by the time he gets out.

ex soldier was a raging noob and couldn’t handle it

that kid was right to delete the save file. crap game

Holy fuck, put this douche in front of a firing squad plz.

Kid got his fuckin organs erased!


but I was pissed as fuck when i found out that memory doesn’t swap easily through XBL or anything like that!
I was at the end of the game when my old xbox krashed!

LMAO at the ppl saying it wasn’t a good game… game was fuckin awesome! I guess shyt games only win awards now!

this dude obvi had no right to do this FOR SHAAAMMMMME!

I wonder if the mother feels any guilt. I don’t exactly know what happened but I can’t imagine someone that short tempered being able to put up an image of someone you would leave your kids around.

At first I thought the prison sentence was a bit harsh as people often get less time for murder, rape and GBH but looking at his the severity of the youths injuries he got his just desserts.

lol save games are downloadable off of the internet… ever since the introduction of using the usb drive for save games it’s mad easy…

Home - GameTuts - Download Modio

Even better is that its possible to copy the console id number from one saved game to another…

Basically he fucked the little boys life up for nothing…

Funny, yet sad as hell…

…waiting for Fox News to report this story. They managed to draw a connection between Bullet Storm and rape.

that sucks. I’m sure he’ll get some special attention in prison. Karma’s a Bitch!

IM just realizing/going through my head… HOW FUCKIN HARD MUST YOUR HIT A KID to DO this dmg!?

talk about MvC3 having high dmg!

And WTF, does PTSD fuck you up bad enough to where you rage and beat you own kid?
i thought they were just scared of shyt!

I checked out the link to

Weird. GTAIV was really bad, though. Fucked up thing to do, regardless of motive.

I hate these kind of people for two reasons…one, they hurt innocent people and two, they make us gamers look bad! Sigh “Guns don’t kill people, mindless video gamers do…” blah blah blah.

support our troops!

This. Love seeing what kind of fucking nuts we let into our armed forces.