EX SS Thrusting uppercut? O_O


at 0:56… and he reversal’d it like a shoryuken… can somebody explain this?

its an alpha counter
Press forward + HK and HP while on blockstun

no it’s something else because when i have played the against the computer it has done an ex thrusting uppercut and a ex right roundhouse punch on me

I noticed this too. Jin is one of my primary mains… For some reason, every time I go on to training mode or even face him in arcade mode, he somehow ends up doing the “EX Thrusting Uppercut”. The only way this is possible for human players is Cross Counter usage.

Off topic, This reminds me of Mortal Kombat 2 when characters do things that are not even possible for human players: CPU Sub-Zero using Ground Freeze even while the opponent is already frozen or using the uppercut without crouching.

On topic… The above example might not be the case. However, this could be a secret technique much like in the other Tekken games: Some characters have moves that are not present in the move list display: A la Electric Wind God Fist.
But… I also saw the A.I. Jin using a “EX Right Roundhouse Punch,” during training mode… It is most likely a CPU only move. Human players on the other hand are required to use Cross Counters to perform such a feat.

wow now that sucks!!!

definitely an alpha counter

Players only its an Alpha Counter. Computer is pulling a ‘Walk Forward Flash Kick’ of sorts.

I definitely saw the PC this morning doing EX Right Roundhouse Punch. Even though I can do Kazuya’s EWGF fairly consistantly I was not able to perform the EX RRP in any way. I suppose its CPU only. ;_;

the video is an Alpha counter but Jin does have his EWHF, it cant be a “computer only thing” why would he glow?


I read about the EX RRP here and decided to see if its true. So EX RRP does exist, I made a video showing the cpu doing it in training mode. Sorry about the cellphone quality. Does anyone have a clue on how to do it? First post btw =D

i new the CPU was cheating again… #4… i remember those cheats the CPU got away with… and more. the forward walking charge moves are another example lol.

anyone else ever experience the grab til death in SF2? CPU characters with repeated hits during grabs (blanka’s bites, honda’s hugs, sim’s head punches, etc) could grab you while you full health and kill you. it happened to me multiples times back in the day lol

Wow WTH just saw this lol, maybe Capcom took the move out of the game, and forgot to change the CPU?

Hm. I haven’t seen this once sense SFxT:2013 got put on a role. Are people still encountering this little EX Thrusting Uppercut? I have not seen the A.I. do this as of 2013… Still checking…

I wish it was a real move lol