EX Suplex vs. jump ins?



Anyone ever play around with this? I’m talking about blocking initial jump in attack, inputting the 360+kk motion and countering their follow-up. I’ve had a lot of success with this.

What usually ends up happening is Zangief will block the jump in, then trade with (ie absorb) the follow-up attack as he hits them with his suplex. I don’t know if my opponents are just not hitting the jump deep enough to combo the follow up, but when I try interrupting the same guy’s follow up with say a spd I just stay in block animation or sometimes even eat it.

Of course the opponent could wise up and follow his jump in with an armor breaker, but this seems to be working wonders for me for now.


Yeah, I started using this in vanilla to try to combat akuma corner rape. Tended to whiff half the time but is useful against ibuki’s wakeup crossup kunai. If she does it too early you can lariat; if she does it late enough so you can’t lariat you can absorb AND get the suplex most of the time.


it whiffs too often … but I should try practicing it…

though, honestly, not too many characters jump TOWARDS zangief…


This is one of those things where you could do this but its risky as shit, but the knock down is more important so cr.PPP would just be all around better.


Argh!!! Some people jump in with weird angled normals to pop Gief on his noggin. Takes, extreme discipline to wait to the last possible sec. Like Duds j HK.


I don’t know, I hardly ever miss the cr.PPP anti air, get your timing down per character and you should be golden to AA on any matchup. Heck, ill even cr.lairat bisons headstomp on the regular.


I focus dash and ex kk grab and its a done deal


Sorta same, though more oftne than not, I just trade if my timing is off or I’m online…

  • :bluu:


Wow, you are the king of terrible strats…


Who jumps in on gief?



i mean if your jumping in on zangief
your just asking for trouble

most people would want to stay away from zangief for the most part not jump right in his view