EX Tackle ...

Sean’s Ex Tackle does nice damage and nice stun …
Does anyone know any combo using it?
I just can’t think of any …


Throw basketball x do it is the only one I know.

First time I try it it was no way i can do that. The oponent could allways block the EX tackle, but after some tryings I noticed that it could be done, but you have to stay a little more than 3/4 of the screen from the opponent. Throw the ball and quickly perform EX Tackle Damage is quite good (compared to other sean moves :P).

If your opponent parries the ball or blocks it high, you’ll get him (unless he’s really fast and/or psychic and/or the computer). If he blocks low, you’re fucked.

speaking of sean tackles… can somebody post sean’s most damaging combo that uses special moves / ex moves (not one where you cancel into a super)
and also can you confirm if RoundhouseXX EX tornado kick is the combo that does the most stun?

Heh… I discovered very funny thing about sean, but this is for SA1 sean.
I’ve been train lot of plays after F+HK. After this move you can easily perform SA1 (Super art will be his most damaging version, because it’s not a combo… F+HK is a reset). It can be done near the corner (easy version) or normal (harder to perform SA1 till opponent will land and just block). It’s not so easy to parry as it looks like. :smiley: