EX Tackle

Is it just me or when you do a move into EX tackle it always tries to tackle? I have a hella hard time not making him do the tackle finish when I 2-in-1 it from a normal attack. I play the Jap dreamcast version so that might explain it. Can anyone confirm/deny this on their game? If confirmed can anyone explain why? I hypothesized that it would act “right” when you hit the 2 buttons at the exact same time with no small delay whatsoever. If this is the case it is almost impossible to pull it off consistently. I mean, the whole reason kara cancel is in the game is b/c the makers of SFIII knew that people need leway. Did I spell that right, leway? Or is it leighway, leeway, or what? Anyway, I think it’s stupid.

Do the ex tackle and let go of all three punches. sean only tackles if you continue to hold down the buttons.