EX Tatsu -> Mixup Thread

What up fellow Sakurians?

Obviously, one of Sakura’s greatest mixup tools is her EX Tatsu, which launches your opponent and leads to many different possibilities. Some of us like to go for the untechable knockdowns, such as Otashi finish or sweeps, while others like to go for resets (there are soooo many of them).

The strength of her EX Tatsu -> mixup is not so much the unless possibilities, but the fact that you can mentally paralyze your opponent if you carefully progress through your different options after the EX Tatsu.

The point of this thread is to discuss all things EX Tatsu -> Mixup

I see a lot of Sakuras go for resets, but in reality are they really so effective? Against scrub players I would do that, but better players i wouldnt really reccomend it, mostly because after the reset a good player will know where to block and then will tech the throw. Maybe in the corner…but otherwise im not so sure.

My favourite is the wait a touch jump hk, high damage and allows for dash 50/50.

It can be effective, but you can’t just randomly reset.

Against characters with very good reversals (dp, balrogs headbutt etc) you might want to go for untechable knockdowns. At a fairly decent rate, you can reset and switch sides on charge characters and throw them off a little bit. Obviously against grapplers and charaters with good command throws, you wanna stay away from resets.

Really? Well sanford uses them, sabre got valle with them, Destin heartily endorses them as a far better alternative to otoshi. If you do j.lk they can’t even see you so how could they know? It’s called a 50/50 for a reason. By the way no offence I just love resets.

Just bait them, they get blocked and punished with another mix up and are a lot more weary about doing it again.

Well now that you bring it up, it is a good mix up, but I think there should be times where you end with otoshi or ultra instead. like vs gief, blanka, akuma, dhalsim, seth…
but now rethinking vs the majority of characters especially charge characters it seems a lot more viable than I thought :tup:

I hate to put kay0ss on blast, but I recently installed one of his resets into my gameplay.

EX Tatsu into the corner -> walk up s.hp.

I feel like one time he did that and was able to land on the other side, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

well you don’t have to go for the reset all the time.

if you are always trying to continue your begging to eat a DP into Ultra.
(its a bad habit, cause it works so good on scrubs.)

your main game should to win with pokes. especially if they are in the corner, its really easy.

Mixups are for the big dmgs, for mindgames etc.

Still baiting, throwing, backdashing, just whiffing and blocking has to be used time to time to avoid becoming predicable.

i think the best mixup sakura has is j.lk it gives the best frame advantage making attemps unpredicable if used properly.

Exactly. Resets are definitely important but against certain characters it just doesn’t work.

Am I missing something? I just reset then dash up and do nothing, then block them and punish and it makes them wary to do it again. Spot on with ultra though, now the new one is so easy to land online I get like one down a match.

yea, online against people who don’t seem to know any better, I can do the same ex shunpu -> walk up, jab, dash under, over and over and over and they never seem to catch on how to block. I actually lose sometimes for trying something CRAZY like not crossing under… gotta save that kinda shit for the pros :rofl:

My favorite is walk forward then j.hp… its so ambiguous, I don’t even know which side I’ll land on…

easier to mixup = characters without strong reversals, weak wakeup

i.e. Abel, Gouken,

against character with strong reversal, it may usually work once, next time they are gonna predict and punish.
This time you have to adept and try something that might be safer for their counter option. (i.e. Safejumps,whiffing safe pokes)

if they just block? throw.

if you do nothing, backdash gets them out. (Backdash can autocorrect)

The only limit to Sakura’s ex tatsu resets is your own imagination, that being said I’m still using hp sho as a combo ender more frequently since it’s a safer option that’s still a big threat to any character.
However, there’s nothing wrong with using EX Tatsu as an ender every now and then, it’s especially strong in the corner because it’s easy to fool the opponent to think you’re on the other side.
Just make sure that EX Tatsu is the occasional mixup and hp sho should be the bnb ender.

oh tell me about it, someimes I’ve been playing shit all match then I’ll land one cross up jump mk and it tatsu, j.hk, cross under, cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.hp ex tastu, wait, they mash, hp, lk tatsu, cr. Hp, ex tatsu, ultra. This is offline ofcourse, I’m not trying those links online, also I want to see their face :slight_smile:

By the sound of this I think I must just be a reset addict, I end every hit confirm with ex tatsu and damn near always go for the reset, still I’m doing pretty well for myself (3600bp 1700pp) so I might just stay the odd one out :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t measure how well you’re doing in Bp/pp, measure it in how well you perform against great players.

Well I do pretty well against people who absolutely own me if I pick any other character. But still, sorry for ruining your thread shogun.

If I attempt a lk reset, rather than using cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.hp x ex tatsu (which I rarely use), I’ll usually go straight for a b&b, or at least cl.hp x lk.tatsu, st.lk x whatever. They have to guess whether to block left or right, not low or high. :wonder:

If I’m using cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.hp, it’s probably going to end in a shou which builds meter rather than uses it. Not to mention the fact that if they tech the knockdown and you empty jump immediately, your jump looks as if you can meaty jump kick them, causing a lot of players to block high eating another cr.lk combo. You can also walk a couple frames and go for a really deep jump in. I’ll also use mp.shou sometimes if they’re conditioned to block low, since an immediate jump after that one DOES connect, but this one is risky since you intentionally give up damage and leave yourself vulnerable to reversals.

She has MANY good mixup options - she even gets a mixup after otoshi (meaty neutral jump, empty jump into cr.lk, safe jump). My Sakura is heavily influenced by Skatan Milla, and I tend to conserve meter a lot more lately, choosing instead to use them on shou fadcs and super (late in the game). My point is you don’t need ex tatsu to get a good mixup going, and many Sakuras could benefit from incorporating more of them in their game.

I don’t think I would play Sakura if I didn’t end every punishment with ex.tatsu>>mixup. That is what makes her so fun to play. Guess right twice and probably win.

It adds to her already great comeback-ability. I have come back from many life deficits by landing 2 successful resets.