Ex Tatsu question from a newbie Akuma

So Im fairly new to the game and have been playing akuma. I was wondering the uses for akumas EX Tatsu…I see it after a crouching medium kick but ive seen talk about crouching targets and how it can be used on them…Also can you guys tell me the other ways it is used best?

I generally use it at the end of a hit-confirm string such as: cr. jab (x2) > cr. mp > EX Tatsu. I’m not sure about the damage values but you’re probably better off doing cr. jab > st. FP > lk Tatsu > Sweep/SRK for maximum damage or the UT knockdown. The point is that you always want to do it after you’ve connected a link such as cr. mp, cr. jab, or cr. mk :slight_smile:

Also, I think people here will be more helpful if you post questions like this in the “Ask a Question” thread. Cheers.

You can always bait and punish an OS tech with a walk up EX Tatsu. I don’t see it happening very often, though.

If you want cheesy-as-fuck shenanigans, EX Tatsu mid air, buffer U1 coming down. If they fall for the bait, they’ll try a sweep or something and it’ll just go through U1’s invincibility frames. Did it a couple times myself, on different people. Of course, not recommended using it more than once. It’s truly a for-the-lulz move. Once they see that shit, they’ll never fall for it again. :o

I once used it vs a Rose player. It went like, knockdown jump in, she activates U2 then i react with ex air tatsu, then she tried to c.mp me and baaaam Raging demon!! winning me a spot at the grand finals where i lost by that same player rofl

put it in the FAQ