EX tatsu -- U1 (corner only)



Ok So heres a thread specifically for everyone who uses U1 preferrably.

So I’ve been using this very often because it gets you really good damage in the corner like Ryu can always hit confirm into and Oni can often get in the corner as well.

Now, In my tests i have gone through and tested which characters i can seem to get this to work on and for the others who **MAY **work but i have had the least success with so here we go.

P.S. If you happen to see any flaws, just post and i’ll provide my input.

Abel: Yes

Adon: Yes, seemed tight though

Akuma: Yes

Balrog: Yes

Blanka: Yes

C. Viper: Yes, seemed tight though

Chun Li: Yes but EXTREMELY tight, seems like its 1 frame

Cammy: Yes

Cody: Yes

Dan: Yes

DeeJay: Yes

Dhalsim: Yes

Dudley: Yes

E. Honda: Yes

El Fuerte: Yes

Evil Ryu: Yes

Fei Long: Yes, Seems tight

Gen: NO

Gouken: Yes

Guile: Yes, Seems tight

Guy: Yes

Hakan: Yes, Seemed EXTREMELY tight, only got it once

Ibuki: Yes

Juri: Yes

Ken: Yes

M. Bison: Yes

Makoto: Yes

Oni: Yes

Rose: Yes

Rufus: Yes

Ryu: Yes

Sagat: Yes

Sakura: Yes, EXTREMELY tight timing

Seth: Yes

T. Hawk: Yes

Vega: Yes

Yang: Yes

Yun: Yes

Zangief: Yes

So Basically it works on everyone except Gen but the timing is very strict in which you coluld prefer a better alternative.

My biggest damage combo using this tactic is:

j. HP > HP > LK Slash > FADC > c.HP > EX Tatsu > U1 == 605 dmg.

Post below your feedback! :smiley:


This is awesome of course, but that combo you outlined is pretty meh. It does 550 dmg if you just do EX Tatsu -> ultra right away, 55 dmg for 2 bars is a waste in my opinion. However, if you need the FADC to carry the enemy into the corner, I’d still only use the ultra as a finisher because finishing with MK Tatsu instead is only like 50 less damage and the ultra is probably going to be worth more than that in the long run.

I’m also quite interested in what situations you can combo airdash -> EX Tatsu -> ultra. That seems like an important crossup weapon and if that guarantees an ultra it’d be amazing.


Update: I noticed in a few recent games that EX tatsu > U1 can be range dependent. It’s kind of a given but i only say it because given the character list it might not always be the best thing to go for.