EX Tiers

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Top Tier EX moves

1)Yang’s EX.Tourouzan
2)Ryu’s EX Hadouken
3)Makoto’s EX.Oroshi

High Tier EX moves

Alex’s EX.Slash Elbow
Dudley’s EX.Machine Gun Blow
Elena’s EX.Spin Scythe
Ibuki’s EX.Tsumuji

Low Tier EX moves (A waste of fucken meter)

Chun-Li’s EX.Kikouken
Chun-Li’s EX.Hazan Shuu
Dudley’s EX.Cross Counter
Elena’s EX.Lynx Tail
Hugo’s EX.Monster Lariat
Ibuki’s EX.Kubi Ori
Sean’s EX.Tornado
Sean’s EX.Ryuubi Kyaku
Urien’s EX.Violence Knee Drop
Yun’s EX.Zeshou Houho

Anything I missed you think?

where is your middle tier sir!?


Top Tiers: (based on how useful I find them)

Yang’s EX tourou Zan
Ryu’s EX Hadouken.
Dudley’s EX machine gun.

High tiers:

Ken’s EX hurricane kick.
Oro’s EX Nobori
Ryu’s Ex joudan.
Remy’ EX Rising rage flash.
Elena’ EX spin scyte.
Ryu’s EX Hurricane kick.
Uriens EX dangerous headbutt.
Alex’s EX Elbow slash.
Alex’s EX Flash chop.

EX moves that I might use but rarely:

Ryu’s EX SRK.
Ken’s EX SRK.
(one extra hit is not worth that kind of recovery time)
Ken’s EX Hadouken.
Q’s EX high speed barrage.
Makato’s EX Hayate. (there’s not much wrong with it, but I kind of don’t want my opp to fall once I get in that close with Makoto.)
Chun’s EX spinning bird.
Sean’s EX Dragon Smash.

just useless:
All of Yun’s EX moves.
Uriens’ EX sphere.
Uriens EX chariot tackle.
All of twelve’s EX moves.
Chun’s EX Kikouken.
Ibuki’s EX Kunai. (or is it Kunrai?)
Sean’s EX Tornado.

EDIT: worthless EX’s:

Sean’s EX tackle.
Ibuki’s EX Kubi ori.
Sean’s EX Ryuubi Kayaku.
(all three of those attacks are useless when used normally as well.)
Chun’s EX Hazan Shuu
Dudley’s EX Jet upper.

EX Kunai owns. Sure, certain normals can knock it out but it’s fast as hell and can be troublesome to parry on wake up. Plus, it’s a great cross up move. Even better than her j.MK which is already good for cross ups. But I guess since we’re just tiering EX moves by themselves then yeah…I could see it as a lower tiered EX.

I’ll admit, EX Kubi Ori (or basically, the special move in general) is pretty useless. The only thing it’s good for is catching people randomly during footsies (after they whiff a poke with some recovery) and um…that’s about it.

Ken’s EX hadoken should definitely be placed higher though. The recovery is too good to not use often. Works great when you don’t have enough meter for a whole super. Creates knockdown, good in poke strings, comes out at a decent speed.

Dudley’s EX jet upper is far from useless. Beats out a lot of stuff and has decent invince. Comes out real quick too.


it’s also useful for following up on meaty UOHs on opponent’s wake up.

also inflicts a good deal of stun.

one other EX that Dudley has that i’d put up high is his EX SSB.


:confused:…uh anti-air sphere. Without using it you wouldn’t be able to get that +50% off that one sphere. And possibly after a low fierce in the corner if you’re trying to maximize your damage.

Oro’s EX fireball: high-mid tier. Both versions have their uses.

Oro’s EX uppercut: high tier. Excellent priority and range.

Oro’s EX ground chicken: low tier. Only useful once every ten matches for punishing a Hadouken from across the screen or in a desperate attempt to get a chip win.

Oro’s EX air chicken: garbage tier. One more hit and a few pixels more damage. It has a larger hitbox than the normal air chicken, but who cares.

Uhh… shouldn’t EX-tiers be based on the EX-es themselves, without factoring in things like the selected super? Anyways, this is what I vaguely remember for Yun.

Yun -
EX-Shoulder - mid tier.

  • Moves Yun across the screen fast
  • goes under fireballs
  • connects after target chain & if they’re in the corner, you can connect a lunge punch after it.

EX-Upkicks - mid tier.

  • No invincibility frames, but it’s probably Yun’s best option for getting out of corner pressure.

EX-Lunge Punch: complete & utter shit tier.

  • The only time I’ve EVER seen it used semi-effectively was Boss vs. KSK. Boss does target cobo, KSK tries to red parry the lp.shoulder, Boss does an EX-lunge for some reason, and it fucks up the red parry timing.

Genei Jin: Top of the top of the top tier.

Alex’s EX moves are all fairly useful. I’d place them all between high-mid (Air Knee Smash) and low-mid (Air Stampede).

alex’s EX shoulder is too good.

but i think dudley has the best EX moves in the game, but yang’s mantis slashes beats all :smile:

Out of curiosity, what makes Ryu’s EX Hadouken so good?

I’m rating the EX moves by themselves. Not what they can be linked into.

things I’m taking consideration: How useful are they in comparison to thier normal version? Is burning an EX meter worth it?

I still say no for dudely’s jet upper. There’s barely a frame difference at from the standard HP version. It does more damage however, which is good, but I think you’re better off saving juice for the Machine gun blow.

How about on wakeup where the fact that it beats stuff whereas the other versions don’t?

Also, just ranking the moves by themselves and not considering combos and such that use them isn’t really that accurate. How good would chun’s super be if she couldn’t combo into/out of it? Not nearly as much so, at the very least.

whoooooooooa how is mak ex low her ex hayate moves about 3/4 screen is safe on block and does hella stun, her ex tsurgi if tiger kneed is a really low overhead and again safe on block her ex chop is guess what? safe on block great for mix ups shes top tier for sure in the ex cat

Not what they can be linked to? Then EX mantis is low tier. You have to factor in when something is used. That’s what makes mantis soo good. Cr forward, dive kick x st lk, uoh x st lk, st mp, st hp…its has so many possibilities which is why it is the msot useful EX. Alex’s EX flash chop is the win. Chun’s EX lightning legs is also very useful.

Stop reading frame data, and go play the game.

Dudley can build meter so fast that using bar for an EX-uppercut isn’t something to worry about. And why would you bother conserving bar for an EX-MGB? What are you doing? Standing around, spamming st.rh so you can hit confirm an EX-MGB off of it? You might as well select Chun.

still say no for dudely’s jet upper. There’s barely a frame difference at from the standard HP version.

But Dudley’s Jet Upper doesn’t have much priority. A lot of times when the regular jet upper would trade hits, the EX version hits cleanly. That’s why the EX version is useful.

As for as a character’s EX moves go, I think Makoto is pretty clearly the best. EX hayate, EX tsurugi, EX chop, those are some great moves, all extremely useful.

Q’s ex moves kinda suck. The only time they can ever be used is a) if you’ve connected c&db, you can do ex dash punch; b) if you’re so fancy and think you’re so undoubtedly right that the opponent will jump as they wake up, you can risk death by putting out ex slaps; and c) if you want to try for a chip kill.

that kinda makes your initial post somewhat contradictory to the above statement:


without s. roundhouse, that move is pretty much useless.

most (if not all) EX uppercuts (Ken/Ryu, Dudley, Oro, etc.) blow through meaty attacks when other versions of the same move can get stuffed.


what’s the difference between ken and ryu’s ex-hadoukens?

Ryu’s is faster and has that cool flame effect going on.