EX Tiger Uppercut + Ultra with problems



Ok, I really like it when my friend do this, I wanted to have some practice ex tu then the ultra but I am having some hard time mastering it, Maybe 49% of it the ultra actually connects with the ex tiger uppercut and 51%, I can’t either because its mis-timed. I’ve seen other people online actually do this, but I can’t get it to master, can you guys actually had some difficulty problems with it. How often do you do this setup? It costs less ex meter than the fadc setup. Plus does this work? After the ex tiger uppercut, the forward roundhouse kick and then the ultra, if so that would be more cool.


EX TU fadc into ultra doesnt work afaik.

The timing for EX TU into ultra is really tight, I prob get it also around half the time…


the timing of it is very tight but has anyone mastered this?


use the search button, there’s at least two threads about it already.


the timing is very strict but it can be done consistently

you want to hit the ultra as soon as sagat’s feet hit the ground or as soon as you see your opponent’s body level with the top of sagat’s head

good luck doing it on guile and zangief
and i highly recommend not doing it online…ive given away games countless times cuz im too stubborn not to try it lol


Doesn’t work on Guile, Honda, Dhalsim, Viper, Gief, and Vega unless you get the EX uppercut off in the air.


Hazeandfire: I’ll look at the other thread later.
Shoryu : Thanks so much, I tried it on my friend using gief and it didn’t work, thank so much, how do you actually give rep? Thanks.


Well i havent mastered it but i can pull it off from time to time
the last hit of EX TU, start doing the motion.
Requires alot of pratice
hit up training mode


I always start the motion as soon as he is turning around in the air from the tu, then hit all 3punch buttons slight after he lands. Timing is strict, training room is your friend.


wrong. read the older threads. :coffee:


I really only try this while using a TE (or 8 button stick). Setting the last button to KKK, I mash the button with lots of quarter-circle arrow inputs and it usually works for me.


It is also character specific. It is much easier to land against Ryu, Ken, and others who don’t weigh as much because they tend to float for almost ever. My hardest time is against Zangief because he’s so huge so you really have to be on point against him. Try it against each character and you will understand exactly what I’m saying.


I know this combo is cool but is really worth going for?

It seems to have a large risk attached to it when there are easier ways to setup the Ultra.


Do it against jumpy opponents like Honda, whos j.HP seems really annoying. Do it once, and they’ll never jump in on you again. If you hit a jumping or flying opponent like Bison, you have all the time in the world to connect it. My best advice is just to buffer the motion and then press 3xKick rapidly for about .2 seconds, pressing it anywhere after that will end up in a failed Ultra, and free punish. The more hits in your BnB, the harder it is for you to time the Ultra. So therefor, Raw EX TU > Ultra is your best bet.