EX Titles (2/3)

Couldn’t find this information anywhere. Only found a fleeting mention of one of them being awarded to four Japanese team championship winners. So if you were curious, here they are:

Thanks for posting this. I asked about it myself ages ago but nobody knows anything haha.

Any tips on unlocking? I know theres that EXE floating around for PC but anything for xbox?

The Xbox is a piece of bitch, Capcom stored the EX unlock data differently and short of me buying a devkit, I doubt I can figure it out.

is there anyway i them get online on pc?

Man, I want that “CAPCOMS RIGHT HAND” title. Pls tell how to get this on the PC version/

I know next to nothing about assembly but that’s the only way I’ve managed to get them unlocked. I can probably use Cheat Engine’s scripting options to find the address without looking for a pointer and put that in a trainer, but I have to learn how to use Lua first.

Dunno how long that will take, especially since I’m trying to figure out if Capcom left hit boxes in or not (just finished semi-figuring out how the camera works after a week of searching…) Doesn’t help that I have to load DBVM or the game crashes every time I toggle breakpoints :xeye:

I’ll try to see if there isn’t a seven level, 600,000 result pointer tomorrow, otherwise it’s just “someday!” or someone figures it out with the opcodes i have








edit: yeeeah this isn’t happening until I can write a script that handles some assembly

I heard you need to win tournament mode to unlock these