EX.Tourouzan to SA2

EX.Tourouzan link to SA2. This works on Q. Anyone else?

Q, necro and chun most likely, i can t get the ps2 fired up so i couldn t check.

why don t you do it and post the yes and nos?

the damage per amount of meter makes it useless though

Yeah, your right about the damage. Its just a finisher, and it gives you style points. I’ll find out after work and post it up tommorrow.

I think it only works on Q. And the SAII only does like 10 damage, that’s with Green/yellow bar and no Q taunts. If you’re going for a finisher it probably won’t work. Most likely by the end of the match Q would have some taunts in raising his defense added to the orange lifebar you’d proabably get like a total of 2dmg for the SAII lol. More damage just cancelling cr.MKxxSAII instead of cr.MK, EXTourouzan, link SAII. Or just chip with a bunch of EX Tourouzans.

he wins tournies, his advice is good yo


YO, you don t believe me…

he has his characters on his sig man, the best on SRK all do the same, better recognize

Oh damn, sorry man I won’t mess wit him no more.
But man people gotta stop beating up on poor Q in training mode, what he ever do to you?

Its to kick Q’s ass in Training. I did 11 Kobukushi’s in one combo (only on Q). Pretty bad when Kobukushi’s only do 1 damage…

Your getting at…

YOU, are a big fool. ~Gen

How so… :wonder:
Just because I put the characters I play as in my sig? :xeye: