EX Wall Dive troubles



As the title of this thread states, I’m having trouble with the EX wall dive. I can do cl.Fierce -> cr.stron -> EX wall dive, but most of the time the EX wall dive, Vega goes in the opposite direction of the opponent, ruining the combo. The only time I can get the full combo is in the corner. What am I doing wrong?


You’re not pointing it in the right direction. Hold up forward when you do the ex wall dive.


oh, thanks. I appreciate it


Next time please use the Q&A thread if you have a question. :slight_smile:


something interesting to mention about vega’s walldive:
those who have ever tried to perform option select whiff cr.mp xx ex walldive may have noticed that vega will still fly to the back wall even if uf was the direction initially pressed. basically you have to be holding uf for quite a bit of time to prevent this from happening (as opposed to just a tap), which makes the execution a bit awkward. you also don’t want to hold it for too long since you’d end up jumping uf which is terrible


Sorry about going off-topic, but I actually noticed this too, often when doing dash ultra 1, even if I hit UF, it will sometimes go backwards. I guess you have to be holding UF while the move starts up, and if you hit any up before the move just defaults to go towards the back wall.

Also how do you option select wall dive into whiff cr.MP? I would think that even if the cr.MP hits or is blocked the walldive would come out anyway, how do you get cr.MP to OS into wall dive on whiff?