Ex-wife testifies that husband impregnated their daughters


Horribly fucked up. And that is the last crazy news story of the day.

I love my daughters, they are so pretty.

Win. Close thread.

One and done.

This guy is such an asswad…?

I’m… curious about the ages of his daughters when he impregnated them.

That guy is on some Lovecraft shit.

lmao its very fitting.

Especially when you think of the other Hakan quote…

“Looks like it’s time to oil up…”

Pics or it didn’t happen…?

Incest - A game that the family can play together


Awwww… goddammit!

Thanks for that, Az.

Whenever I hear stories like this I always think, “Unless I am locked up, I’m running to the cops.” As soon as Dad left us behind for 15mins I’d be running the fuck away to the cops.

But yes, AZ wins thread.

I’m curious to know how many people were about to type up some racist comment, before reaching halfway through the article and then furiously mashing on backspace.

And THIS is why we at least need a post rep button. Good shit, Az.

I never knew one could be charged with lewdness. Yes, I realize this sick fucker should swallow a shotgun like a black cock of death. What if, for example, someone is just horny and constantly running around trying to get laid? They can be charged?

This guy is gonna get shanked with a piece of linoleum.

Wait, what the fuck was the wife doing? You mean to tell me that all these years she couldn’t go foward and tell the cops what was happening to her and her kids. This is absolutely ridiculous. I feel sorry for these kids, and what would be the children that he fathered with his daughters be called, cause he sure as hell ain’t a grand-daddy.

Actually, if anything, that makes for a more fitting purpose of the word.