EX2 Gate Question

I’m wanting to change the gate on my EX2 from the stock square gate to an octagon gate. Since I’m new to modding, I’m not sure if there is a specific model I should be looking into? I’d prefer to keep the amount of modification work to the gate as minimal as possible. I’m still pretty skiddish about opening up my stick since it is my first one and I don’t want to trash it quite yet.

I just really need the octagon gate, because the square just isn’t doing it for me.

Also I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere. I did do some searching, and I couldn’t find the kind of answers I was looking for.

Advice, dont do it, i made the same mistake long time ago, and now i regret it, try to get used to the square gate, you will find that its actually easy to play with a square gate once you get used to it.

but if you really want to change it to a oct gate, is very easy to do it, you can get the octagonal gate here: lizardlick.com, and its called Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate, here is a link and a pic: http://www.lizardlickamusements.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/sanwa_gty.jpg

Im not sure if there is any tutorial in shoryuken, so here is a tutorial how to do it:


Hope it helps you.

Firstly, thanks a bunch, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Second, why exactly did you regret swapping to an octagon gate? The reason I was interested in it was because by my reasoning, the angles are less extreme, so transitioning from down to forward would be a smoother motion and less likely to overshoot the quarter circle motions with the added corners.

i regret it to the point that i dont use my hori anymore (im about to sell it in the trading outlet forum), reason is because i love corners, the corners teach you how to do stuff, im not talking in general thats only my opinion, example, to do dragon punches :dp:, corners tell you exactly where to stop and press the Punch button. another exaple, sometimes you think you are blocking but you are not, and get sweeped, the corner tells you when you are blocking because you got the stick in the :db: position, following me?

and just for me i dont know about the other guys, it is waaay easy to do SPDs (full circles) punch, playing with Mr. Zangief.

youll see if you keep playing with japonese stick youll notice the difference, and dont throw away the square gate youll need it in the near future. :wgrin:

^ Just a question, can’t you just put a square gate on? Lizardlick sells them for a very reasonable price.

I already got some custom joysticks made by some good builder from SRK, and i got 2 that i made myself, im going to sell my Hori because i dont like plastic Joysticks, and second because i lost the square restrictor, and it doesnt make sense for me buy a square restrictor that cost $1.95 and the pay $5.45 for shipping. :wgrin:

Fair enough. Knowing that, I don’t blame ya. :rock:

Rock on dude, Rock on…:rock::rock::rock::rock::rofl::wgrin:

I use an octo gate on my PS2 stick, it works well for me. I can play on square too, but my favorite stick has one. I don’t thing that there is a real disadvantage to it right off the bat, unless you are having problems with corners. I think the octo gate is good for me in that it helps me with finding straight up, and straight down. It’s all a matter of preference. Anyway, the mod is rediculously easy, and the parts are cheap, so I’d say give it a try if the square isn’t working for you.

Thanks for the words everyone. It has all been very noted. I went ahead and ordered an octo gate, but I’ll definitely be keeping my square, just in case.

Might be worth noting that most asian-style arcades use square gates as well.