EX2 Mod (hard kick when pressing forward)

I modded my ex2 w/ sawna buttons. It seemed to work ok at first but now occasionally when i press forward on the joystick i get a hard kick in sthd.

I tried checking to see if any wires were crossed up but it doesnt appear they are.

I put electrical tape on the metal plate behind the pcb, but now iam thinking maybe its just the button touching the pcb. Its kinda tight in there with the lid + me beating the stick inorder to do a reversal doesnt help. I was talking to someone on xbox live he said to put a napkin in there or washers on the lid to give space for the pcb …any other suggestions or pictures with help…thnx

If the metal plate is putting any kind of hard pressure on the pcb/headset pod then yeah it’s gonna freak out.

I was the one who suggested placing a folded napkin in between the plastic pillar and the plate to give the pcb some room and not have the plate pressing against it.

I remember my stick doing the same thing too. That’s how i fixed it. Take some pics of the guts and post them up. I wanna see your work.

Yo Jumpsuit. Thanks for your help man. Your one of the few people on sthd doing combo>super. Dope ish!!! I gotta get that down.

Anyways here are some pictures I put the napkin in there and so far no problems.

You can tell on the last picture that the pcb is getting smashed against the a button when i put the lid on and it cause the buttons to bend.