EX2 or mod my HRAP 2?

I don’t yet have a stick for my 360. Should I buy an EX2 or mod my HRAP 2 to work with two systems? I was considering waiting for MadCatz’s sticks (or get a custom), but I’m not sure I want to spend $140 on another stick. Is it better to have a universal stick or a separate stick for each system?

Mod pros:
One stick to rule them all
Madcatz 360 pad much cheaper than EX2.

Mod cons:
Have to be willing to solder; possibility of ruining either 360 pad or HRAP pcb in the process if you suck at it.
One less stick in your collection

EX2 pros:
New stick
No soldering, hacking, or risk
EX2 is more portable than HRAP2

EX2 pros:
EX2 not as nice construction as HRAP2, worse parts.

More like ruining the only stick I have.