Exact buttons to press on xbox d-pad for Vega's FA to ultra

Yes I understand that most serious players use the stick and believe that the d-pads (specifically xbox’s) stink for this game, but getting a stick just isn’t an option for me right now.

I have two questions:

  1. If you practice enough, is it still possible to master all FADC ultras with the worst of controllers? (say xbox d-pad for example because that’s the only thing I can use)

  2. I understand that you need to hold back and down while doing the FA because the ultra requires you to charge, but how do you dash back after the FA connects and hold the back button for 2 seconds before the opponent falls? You hold both down and back while dashing?

Is anyone here a great Vega player who uses the xbox d-pad only?

There is time to charge after your dash out of a hit of a level 2 or 3 FA. The timing is tough, but it is doable. Make sure you dash immediately after releasing the FA - and you need to begin charging immediately after you double tap toward.

Though sometimes the ultra itself will still miss your opponent due to character positioning. Go Vega!!

I got this post on another forum in response to the same question:

“Hold back while charging the FA. Once the FA hits, quickly dash forward then immediately hold down back again then upback/upforward and all three kicks.”

Does that sound right to you? He makes it sound like you already charged for 2 seconds while you were doing your FA, so you don’t need to charge after the FA hits your opponent.

It would seem impossible to charge for 2 seconds after the FA connects because your opponent takes less than 2 seconds to fall.

Anyone else agree that the quoted part is the correct way to do Vega’s ultra from a FA?

Though you can dash and do it, honestly, it’s safer to just wait. No need to dash at all. It hits much more consistently for me that way.

Wait, are you saying that you are required to charge for 2 seconds after you dash forward? What would be the point in dashing if you have to press all the buttons again after the FA connects?

I’ve heard from other people that you are supposed to hold back while charging your FA (which counts as the 2 second charge required for the ultra), then dash forward after the FA hits (which counts as the forward required for the ultra), and then finally press down/back and either up/back or up/forward to complete it.

Does that sound right?

Or is there really enough time charge for 2 seconds after the FA hits.

no, after you hit them you dash back and hold downback. The back dash is 22 frames and by the time you are done dashing and crouching it should be about 60 frames enough time for the charge. You should be doing it by the time the opponent’s knee’s hit the floor. Vega’s ultra charge is the same as a scarlett terror dash, so practice scarlet terror then ultra as you hit the floor

After doing some more reading, it looks like theres no charge partitioning in this game (I know most of you already knew this awhile ago, but I just got the game a few weeks ago) so it looks like what I got from the other forum is wrong.

If there is no charge storing, it should be impossible for me to be able to do the ultra from FA by holding back, then dashing forward and assuming that the forward dash counts as the forward motion needed for the ultra (and assuming that holding back during the FA counts as the charge).

So basically, is it IMPOSSIBLE to do it the way I said in the third post or is it just not necessary?

Finally, just to make sure I got it, Vegas ultra from FA should look like this:

  1. Level 2 or 3 focus attack (does not matter if you hold back)
  2. Quick back dash right after focus attack hits
  3. Start charging down/back as soon as opponents knees hit floor
  4. Then finally forward, down/back, and either up/back or up/forward

Is that right?

no, u charge as u r in the middle of the FA. then dash forward and continue with the rest of commands (db, ub/uf). The game is so lenient that it keeps the commands u put in for a few frames allowing u to charge db, then press a few other buttons, then go back into the ultra. There is not enough time to FA someone, then try to charge db, the db charge has to be before/during the FA. The first post u made is the correct way.

That is incorrect. There is enough time. You begin charging immediately after pressing the dash inputs. It’s like the dash is buffered in. If you wait until after you see the dash then you’re doing it too late.

That’s exactly what I do. I know its completely wrong, but it works most of the time, and seems natural.

Do u have a vid of it? i never tried it like that. it seems like ud be better off just not dashing and keeping the db charge instead to make sure u get enough charge

I’d also like some clarification on this. I’ve heard you can store charge thru dashes too and I’d like a sure fire way (or as close to) of landing his ultra!!

…also another question. If you can retain charge thru a dash i.e. charge back FADC etc could you: FA >> RCF xx FA

I ask because I can connect vega’s focus attack and a lot of the time I won’t have an ultra in the bag so will these work?


If you happen to do that RCF xx FA and you hit hit the FA then cancel into back dash. You can go straight into the ultra. You where asking that werent you?

simple answer… no. In the time it takes for your RCF to charge (which is a longer charge window than ultra and scarlet terror), the opponent will be in that crumple state where they’re technically in the air… so when the RCF hits it will just hit once, and they’ll pop up while you roll under them and leave you open to punishment. Just do hook kick to scarlet terror for damage without ultra.

Get a PC and macro it.

I just press one keyboard button to do my ultra, hehe.


Yeah pretty much, was trying to pull off the FADC > Ultra this weekend and just cannot do it. I’ve got his 11 hit combo almost nailed but for the life of me I can’t get this right. I put the input display on and the button combinations I’m doing is right so it must be the timing I’m getting wrong… meh!

Should the second tap of the forward dash be included in the 3/4 circle to up + kicks? i.e. input would be:

mp+mk+back(charge) lv3 FA lands then fw fw dfw d dbk bk ubk+3 kicks?

Cheers fellas

i do it somewhat diffrently if i hit with the FA i double tap back. as soon as i press mp+mk i let the FA hit depending on how aggressive my opponent is. if he is super aggressive i double tap back as soon as the claw starts going foward. once the claw is going towards him i double tap back just before it hits him, then i go straight for the down back charge and in between the claw hitting him and you dashing back you have enough charge for the ultra just as soon as the dash back animation is over in put the command and you will do the ultra, but as for how you do it ask jozhear because hes the one who knows how to do it using the method you described.


player 2 side

ultra motion

edit:he has a essay written about it in how to land vega’s ultra thread.