Exalted #1 is out today!

If you’re looking for something to read inbetween the wait for a the next Capcom comic, check out Exalted, you won’t be disappointed.

Issues 1, 2, and 3 of the Hong Kong KOF Maximum Impact comic come out today too. Wonder why 3 issues are coming out at the same time.

Can’t wait to check out Exalted and see how that is. Also looking forward to getting Rurouni Kenshin 20 and Death Note 2, a pretty good comic book shopping day. :smile:

I have issue #0 of Exalted, can’t wait to pick up issue #1!

Nice art, pretty good read! :clap:

Ad for SF2 Issue one in Exalted is crazy, whole lot of SF characters next month. :wow:

So far the KOF Maximum Impact comic is MUCH better than the KOF 2003 one…

But Death Note 2 so far is owning the week for me lol!

Death Note will turn to absolute crap after a while, sadly. In five or six volumes.

I agree… Death Note become very redundant in the beginning of the second arc… until lately (episode 87 I just finished reading) and it started to get more interesting…

That’s too bad. Starts off really interesting. In volume 1 I was rooting for Light Yagami, now I’m rooting for L to catch him after Light went nuts and started killing FBI Agents… Ryuuk for the victory!

Who’s that white alien looking girl on the Exalted 1 cover? I Like her design.

That girl is named Faka-kun. You will learn more about her clan in issue 2.

As for Death Note, I started reading TPB 1, then non-stop finished it off till book 5. It does grab me. But I guess any manga going more than 6 issues will dip a bit in story no matter what…

Got my copy yesterday only cause I don’t read many comics outside SF, various Spidey titles (what the heck is wrong with Spidey! TELL US DAMN IT!), DS and that’s about it.

Ahh, I saw KOF: MI yesterday but I thught it was only #3. They may have stashed the others behind it. I just didn’t bother looking. I’ll ask my brother to check for it next week.

I bought the Exalted book aswell, it was an ok read . Gonna have to read the 2nd issue to be sure.
KOF:IM comic #1,2, and3 were out, got them but haven’t read all of them yet. Does the author and artist do all KOF comics in Hong Kong? :xeye:

In House of M Spidey came back pretty messed up in the head, now something’s going goofy with his powers… the authors say that he is going to be missing a body part when this story ends, kidney? Lung? Hmm.

Finally read the KOF MIs. Yeah, it’s off to a pretty strong sort. I hope it stays that way and doesn’t go off into people losing limbs and regrowing them like typical fighting game HK comics.

I haven’t read the latest House of M Spidey, but I meant whats wrong with the current day Spidey. There’s a 12 part story called The Other going on which is going to very big.

Ah well, maybe I’ll find out in part 3.

The part I mentioned about Spidey about to wind up mising a body part (Actually an organ) is from the 12 part The Other story arc. It’s one of the spoilers Stracynski let out in Comic Shop News a while back.

I see…hmmm does he lose his…Spidey Jr that shoots out other white sticky stuff?

It’s proving to be a pretty good story so far. I just hope he doesn’t fluff it up. I was disappointed last time at how Gwen slept with Norman. That was really something I didn’t like at all.

KOF Maximum Impact Issue 4 comes out tomorrow along with the second volume of the KOF 2003 GN, WHOA…

Rurouni Kenshin profiles comes out tomorrow too! Study up on Sano lol! :rofl:

And JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure FINALLY comes out too. Get to know SRK’s 2005 Battle Poll Champion Kujo Jotaro! :smile:

If one fifth of the edits and changes mentioned by the previous editor of the title are true… Then no, you don´t want to buy that.

And don´t even get me started on the fact it begins of series 3 instead of 1…

WTF? So I STILL won’t have 1-2 in English? Sonovabitch!

I have the JoJo mangas. I’ll let you know if there are any edits in volume 1.

So far in JoJo I haven’t noticed any edits but I’ve yet to do a side by side comparison yet or read all of it. Jotaro curses saying #$%&^ instead of real cursing. There’s a brief recap of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure chapters 1 and 2 in the beginning. I’ll let you know if I see anything edited.

The American version of Rurouni Kenshin profiles is much bigger, the Japanese version is about the size of a regular manga book, the American version is the size of a magazine! Yippee!

Didn’t look at the KOF comics yet.

About the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Manga - There aren’t any edits really of anything that matters, all of the blood and gore are there, it’s exactly the same. Pen jabbed in someone’s eye, tongues ripped out, it’s all there. The only things that were altered were things like a can of Lager Beer that said “Heineken” now just reads Lager Beer. A camera that had the word “Polaroid” now doesn’t have the name Polaroid anymore. So it’s minor stuff they couldn’t even get away with in the Animes either due to copyright infringements and it has nothing to do with the enjoyment of the story. They did actually improve on one edit though. In the Japanese Manga when JoJo is in his cell there was a book that read “GOAST” in English on its sidebar. In the American version it reads “GHOSTS.” Sometimes edits are your friend. :smile: