Examining "Yomi" upback after an EXGH combo



Hi all,

I ran a search for “upback” under the Zangief forum to return 11 results, which didn’t answer much for me. Here is my question:

If after successfully landing an EXGH combo, and you yomi, that is predict, your opponent will hold upback. What are ALL your viable options and their associated risks, cause sometimes you have to gamble or guess to win. Can’t always play safe. Answers will have to reference position, midscreen or corner, (obvisiously midscreen answers are more practical) and assuming you don’t have U2 loaded, but U2 setups are fine. A no-EX bar answer is also appreciated.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking, and would like someone to dispel or argue these points.
a) jump towards with them and an early air attack, but which one is the best to use? HP? HK?
b) walk forward far standing HK
c) buffer a forward rising U2
d) immediately do any of these normals: near standing HK, crouching MP, near or far standing MP, near standing HP, near standing LP, near standing MK, not sure about the timing, but you could result in an air result or you can catch them in prejump and combo off these and cancel into another EXGH. Again, which ones best?
e) walk forward slightly EXGH, requires timing
f) whiff LPGH into SPD or various other mixups, but probably vulnerable to a jumping attack. have to check the frame data on this one
g) walk forward HP GH, again, vulnerable to a jumping attack, timing could be tricky
g) can’t seem to find any forward dash options, eg. don’t think you can forward dash LP SPD

Have I missed any other options - whether creative, risky, viable, thinkable.

Obviously, when your in the corner, you have more options such as Lariet, Neutral Jump Headbutt, and possibly FA. But your also dealing with neutral jump instead.

*Note because of varying jumping height, distance, arc, startup frames, results would vary against different characters. These were all tested with dummy Ryu’s upback.

All comments and discussion welcomed. :slight_smile: